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Apple Security Alert may unexpectedly appear while you surf the Internet and if it does there are a few things you ought to know. According to our specialists, the pop-up message is fake, and it might be distributed with untrustworthy software downloaded from P2P file-sharing networks or other doubtful sources. As a consequence, we advise against calling the provided number. Doing so might be extremely risky because you could accidentally reveal your sensitive data to hackers or give them other opportunities to trick you. Therefore, the best course of action would be finding out which recently downloaded application is responsible for the fictitious Apple Security Alert and deleting it right away. To make this task at least a bit easier our specialists prepared instructions explaining how to remove unwanted applications; it is located at the end of the text.

The first thing that indicates the pop-up message is false is the mentioned telephone number. It is not difficult to check it on the Internet and learn it has nothing to do with Apple. Also, more experienced users should get suspicious even without checking if the given number is legitimate because asking to speak with members of the technical support is highly odd for a notification from the system; just try to remember when did you ever see an alert saying you have to call someone.

Furthermore, even though Apple Security Alert tries to make it sound convincing and explain the issue that does not exist it is still not informative enough. Our specialists report it could describe the situation with words such as “Suspicious Activity Detected,” “a hacking alert,” “major security issue,” and so on. These phrases are no doubt used on purpose to make you feel curious and scared about the computer’s safety. Of course, there are fake pop-ups that mention specific threats or give other details. Nonetheless, if you see a telephone number or the alert appears after you are redirected to some unknown web page you should realize something is not right.

Just like mentioned at the beginning of this report, Apple Security Alert could sneak in with threats downloaded from doubtful sources (e.g., potentially unwanted applications, adware, etc.). These programs can redirect the user to a website where the fake alert is being displayed, or they can place the pop-up message on top of user’s screen. It might not be an easy task to find out which particular program could be associated with the false notification, especially if you download quite a lot of new tools from time to time, but you should start with most recently installed software. Sadly, we cannot name the program that could be showing the alert since it might be distributed with different threats.

However, we can help you eliminate it if you complete the steps we added at the end of this paragraph. Lastly, we would like to remind there is a comment section a bit below the instructions where you can leave a message to us if you have any questions about Apple Security Alert or its removal.

Get rid of Apple Security Alert

  1. Access Finder.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Check recently installed tools and look for unreliable applications.
  4. Select the program you believe to be associated with Apple Security Alert.
  5. Navigate to the File menu available on the top-left corner of your screen.
  6. Click on Move To Trash.
  7. Tap and hold the Trash icon until a new menu opens.
  8. Choose Empty Trash.
  9. Reboot the computer.
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