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Apcrtldr.dll is a dynamic link library file that is associated with Music Toolbar. If you have recently removed Music Toolbar from your computer, it might be that the removal was not complete and some of the application’s components are still running in your system. These components are making the apcrtldr.dll error message appear on your screen whenever you open your browser. In order to remove apcrtldr.dll from your computer completely, you should check your Control Panel again for any related applications, and then run a full PC scan with SpyHunter free scanner to determine which components must be removed ASAP.

If you have some of the Music Toolbar components remaining on your system, when you click to open any of your browsers you will be displayed the following message:

There was a problem starting C:\Programs Files\Music Toolbar\Datamngr\apcrtldr.dll
Access is denied.

It means that when Music Toolbar was installed on your computer, the program was configured to start automatically each time you boot up the system. Some components of the program are still present in your system, and they are trying to run the application that the apcrtldr.dll file which is necessary to do so is no longer available – you might have deleted it while trying to uninstall Music Toolbar from your computer. In order for Windows to stop searching for apcrtldr.dll whenever you turn on your computer, you need to delete the registry entry which configures Music Toolbar to auto-run.

Unfortunately, that is not an easy task to do, especially if you are not an experienced computer user. To delete apcrtldr.dll error message from your computer, you should acquire a licensed antimalware tool that would terminate all the leftover Music Toolbar files and then safeguard your system against other unwanted files and/or applications.

Naturally, the best to prevent such error messages from appearing would be avoiding the likes of Music Toolbar altogether. This potentially unwanted application is usually distributed together with Shareaza player or any other application developed by Bandoo Media. Depending on which setup of Music Toolbar you choose to install on your computer, the consequences might differ. For example, the full setup may even change your default home page and search engine to search.ask.com.

Due to the fact that Music Toolbar usually comes bundled with freeware, the removal might prove to be complicated as well. That is perhaps one of the reasons why sometimes various components remain on the system even after manual removal via Control Panel.

Once again, to remove apcrtldr.dll and other remnants of the application from the PC, you need to make use of a licensed computer security tool, because manual removal may be too complicated or too troublesome.

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