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If you are looking for a user friendly, powerful and effective security application to augment the security and privacy of your PC, then stay far away from Antivirus GT. This rogue antispyware application is not able to protect your PC against any type of threat, as it is nothing more than a malicious infection in itself. Antivirus GT derives from the same despicable family of rogues as AntiVirus7, but improves on its predecessor’s failures and weaknesses.

If you wonder how Antivirus GT manages to gain entry into your PC, it can be explained through the various tactics it employs to gain surreptitious entry into its victims’ systems. These may vary from using bogus online malware scanners to seditious browser hijacking websites which forcefully redirect users to compromised landing pages which employ drive-by download tactics. As of late it has also been reported that Antivirus GT bundles its Trojans and malware together with other third party website downloads and updates.

Of course the user won’t even be aware of the Antivirus GT infection until the rogue decides to make itself known to the user. This will only happen once Antivirus GT manages to securely root itself in the system. Once this happens it will initiate a fake system scan which will run each time the user logs on to Windows. The user will then shortly after this be presented with the following falsely generated security alerts in the form of annoying pop up messages:

Trojan:W32/Inject Activity Detected
Trojan:W32/Inject is a large family of malware that secretly
makes changes to the Windows Registry. Variants in the
family make also makes changes to other running processes.

Attention! Threats found!
Attention! 55 threats found!

Internet Shield; identity theft attempt detected
Warning! Identity theft attempt detected

AntivirusGT Resident Shield: Virus detected
Warning! Active virus detected

None of the above fake alerts should be trusted or acted on, as they are all completely baseless and without merit. Antivirus GT will also proceed with its attack against the system by effectively blocked the user’s access to the Internet and prevent him from executing programs on the infected PC. This is done to further panic and frustrates the PC owner, but also to prevent him from running or downloading any application which may be able to detect and remove Antivirus GT from the system.

Victims of Antivirus GT have also complained about increased erratic system behavior, as well as poor system performance due to a high consumption of valuable system resources by Antivirus GT. Randomly generated and deleted Desktop items have also been reported.

At the end of the day you will only be able to limit the damage this despicable rogue will cause if you destroy Antivirus GT upon detection, without any further delay. This should be done with the help of a powerful security tool so as to make sure you delete Antivirus GT for good.

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