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Antivirus System Pro is a fake antivirus program. Even though its title makes it sound like this program is capable of protecting your computer from various threats that is very far from the truth. The truth is that Antivirus System Pro has been created by cyber criminals to surreptitiously enter your computer and then damage it, trying to lure your money out of you. Needless to say, that this rogue is a very dangerous threat that needs to be dealt with immediately.

In order to reach its goal that is your bank account, Antivirus System Pro displays a lot of fake security warnings. These security warnings look very much like a real deal, because a lot has been invested in this rogue’s design, trying to make it look like a legitimate antivirus application. The problem is that all the symptoms of the infection that you are experiencing are generated by Antivirus System Pro itself, despite the fact that it tells you about multiple viruses damaging your computer.

You have probably noticed that whenever you turn on your computer Antivirus System Pro performs a fake system scan, and there are a lot of threats presented in the scan results. For example, there are such infamous infections as Zlob AN, Win32/Wadnock, Win32.Grams.I and others. Now, even though there might be quite a few infections in your computer, given the fact that you already have Antivirus System Pro in your system, these Trojans and worms from the detection list are NOT THERE. Surely, you might have the Win32/Nuqel.E infection, but that is only because it is directly related to Antivirus System Pro.

Therefore, you must realize that there is nothing real about Antivirus System Pro and ignore all the scan results and other warnings that you receive from this rogue, such as this one, for example:

Windows Security alert
Windows reports that computer is infected. Antivirus software helps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click here for the scan you computer. Your system might be at risk now.

If you want to continue working with your computer the way you were used to, and you do not wish your money to be stolen from you, you must remove Antivirus System Pro from your computer right now. Do not hesitate to acquire a legitimate antispyware tool if you are not sure how to get rid of the rogue manually. With a program of your choice you will be able to remove Antivirus System Pro automatically and your computer will soon go back to normal.

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