Antivirus System 2009 Removal Guide

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Antivirus System 2009 is a name-changing rogue that is also famous with the name Antivir System PRO. Regardless of which of its names it uses, however, it exploits the same deceitful strategies to urge users into spending money on its phony licenced version.

The notorious Vundo and Zlob Trojans are the ones to deliver the rogue to the targeted computers. The Trojans lie in hide in hacked websites that may even seem to be legitimate at first sight. Just opening such a malicious website in order to let the infection inside your PC. The Troajns sneak into the system via vulnerabilities found in it and then bring along the rogue.

The user is first aware that Antivirus System 2009 has installed itself on the computer when a series of extremely annoying and frightening alerts start popping up one after the other. Before the victim knows what exactly is going on, the program has launched its fraudulent scanning tool. Both the scan results and the fake notifications warn about various security threats. You should not be scared, because it is only a scare-strategy, and the information displayed by this program is phony. Each alert and each scan promote the full version of Antivirus System 2009 as the most efficient anti-virus software, which is a great lie. To consolidate its warnings, the rogue even hijacks the victim's browser and then fastens the crime to the non-existing viruses listed by the scans.

To put it in a nutshell, everything Antivirus System 2009 does is directed towards feeding the illusion that it is a legitimate anti-virus software that should be purchased immediately. The truth, on the other hand, is that Antivirus System 2009 is a very nasty piece of malware that should be removed immediately with the help of a genuine AV program.

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