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There are many security tools on the web with elaborate promises which profess over the top capabilities and features. Antivirus Soft is one of those supposed security applications, only this application actually derives from a family of rogue security tools which has fooled many users in the past, name the same family as Antispyware Soft. This sly rogue enters the system surreptitiously and will remain hidden from the user’s attentions until such time that it is ready to start its attack. It will do this by disabling security software on the system, and by remaining in the system’s background. Only once Antivirus Soft is firmly rooted in the system will it reveal its presence to the user.

Browser hijacking websites and fake online malware scanners form part of Antivirus Soft’s online marketing campaign. Other forms of distribution and infection used by Antivirus Soft include the use of infected online flash ads as well as bundling its Trojans and malware together with other third party downloads.

Once the rogue manages to securely root itself, it will start its attack by editing Windows registry entries so that it launches each time the user logs on to Windows. It will then initiate a fake system scan each time the user logs on to Windows, which will yield bogus results in an effort to panic the user into thinking his system is under attack.

As a further attach on the system, Antivirus Soft will block the user’s access to the Internet, and prevent him from executing any type of application on the infected PC. This is done in an effort to not allow the user to download or run any application which may be able to detect and remove Antivirus Soft from the system. It will also spam the user with incessant fake pop up messages posing as security messages. One of the more popular fake alerts reads as follows:

Antivirus Software Alert
Infiltration Alert
Your computer is being attacked by an internet virus. It could be a password-stealing attack, a trojan-dropper or similar.
Threat: Win32/Nuqel.E

In order to prevent Antivirus Soft from causing permanent and irreversible damage to your PC, destroy Antivirus Soft immediately. Do this safely and effectively by using a properly functioning security tool which will not only erase Antivirus Soft but also protect against similar attacks in future.

Download Remover for Antivirus Soft *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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