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If you get a suspicious link to visit, delete the link and forget it about for ever. The link is a malicious website promoting a fake security application called AV Security Tool. runs as malware on the computer and it should be deleted from the system. gets into the system via suspicious email attachments or during visiting insecure websites. It modifies the settings in the registry so that you lose the control of the system. You might notice that your browser is somehow messed up. Whenever you try to enter a particular website, you are redirected to The simulated program in your system uses a Trojan Google Redirect Virus which sends you to the malicious website. The website pretends to simulate online scans with additional fake alert notifications in order to look as convincing as possible so that you think that you need to somehow protect your system. The fake program seeks to make you pay for the nonexistent tool. Moreover, it aims to make you expose your financial data which will be used to rob you in future.

It is important to remove from the system, because the computer with limited access to the Internet loses one of its functions. If you are terrified enough and do not know how to delete the malware manually (which is not recommended if you are not an IT technician), we recommend that you opt for automatic removal of the rogue. Your duty would be to find a legitimate antispyware tool which will detect the intruder and delete it for you automatically.

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