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No matter how hard hackers try to promote AntiMalwareShield as a legitimate anti-virus program, it is nothing more but a rogue – extremely deceitful and completely uncapable of removing viruses.

Just like many other such applications, this one relies on malicious and aggressive advertising in order to victimize computers and trick their users into buying the phony licenced version of AntiMalwareShield. Trojans, hidden in hacked websites, are the ones to navigate the rogue infection towards the targeted machines. When the Trojans manage to enter a computer through vulnerabilities found in its system, they invite AntiMalwareShield inside. The rogue does not waste time, but immediately starts displaying fraudulent, and yet – very scary, notifications. They all to one state that the PC is at great security risk due to the presence of a number of viruses and advertise AntiMalwareShield's services. The fact is that AntiMalwareShield is most probably the only virus in the system.

The next plan of the rogue's malevolent plan is to evoke its phony scanning tool that reports non-existing malware pieces. When the user is already scared by all these flashing windows, reporting viruses, the counterfeit program advertises its licenced version as the best possible security software. All the windows displayed by this program, lead to the same page – the purchase page of the rogue. It turns out that it costs approximately $60, but if you try to close the tab, the price is automatically lowered to ~ $30. Do not be misled – this is not a great bargain, but $30 spent on a fraud.

All the facts stated above prove that AntiMalwareShield is not an anti-malware shield at all, but just malware. Instead of letting it waste your time and mess with your computer, remove it immediately with the help of a genuine AV software!

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