Anoncrack Ransomware Removal Guide

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Anoncrack Ransomware should encipher user’s data with a secure cryptosystem and to mark it, the malicious program may add a second extension called .crack. According to our specialists, the malware’s title might be different as there could be other versions of it, but the applied extension should remain to be the same. The sample we tested placed a ransom note with a text written in Spanish and no translation to English; thus, it makes us think the infection might be targeted more ta users understanding the mentioned language. As usual, the note urges the user to make a payment, for which the malicious program’s creators promise to send a decryption key. Nonetheless, there are no guarantees they will keep up to this promise. This is why instead of putting up with the presented demands we advise users not to take any chances and remove Anoncrack Ransomware. If you wish to learn more, we encourage you to continue reading the article.

If you do not understand how Anoncrack Ransomware was able to enter your system, you should remember all the recently downloaded files. Perhaps you opened a suspicious email attachment or launched a setup file you downloaded from an unreliable file-sharing website? As you see, such threats are often distributed with Spam emails and malicious installers, so in some cases, all that it takes to infect the system is to open some doubtful file. Of course, if you have a trustworthy antimalware tool it could warn you about the harmful data before any harm is done, but just to be on the safe side, we would advise scanning any unreliable data you get from possibly malicious sources before launching it.

Anoncrack Ransomware places only two files on the infected computer, but neither of them is necessary for running the malware. It means the threat can work right from the directory where the user downloaded and launched its installer. However, it may complete its tasks without revealing its presence, and it can be challenging to notice it settled in. Once it finishes the encryption process and enciphers each targeted file so that the user could not open it, the infection should create the two mentioned files. They might be named pago.txt and ransom.jpg. The text document contains a full ransom note as it explains why the user can no longer access his data and what to do to get it back. For instance, the hackers behind the sample we tested demand the user pays 30 US dollars in Bitcoin to this particular wallet: 1CvWhugm6QbHisVvhyRuKn81kQgVVs4ov8.

To encourage the user to make the payment the mentioned note also promises the decryption tool will be sent to the user right after Anoncrack Ransomware’s creators receive the payment. We should warn you the hackers may have no intention to restore your data or in other words, they can only say they will help you decrypt enciphered data to make you pay the ransom. The text on the ransom.jpg might even threaten to raise the payment up to 100 US dollars if the user does not pay in 7 days. No matter what they say, you should understand these people are not your friends, and if you do not wish to lose your money in vain, you should not put up with their demands.

Users who choose to eliminate Anoncrack Ransomware should either download a legitimate antimalware tool and erase the malicious application after performing a full system scan or have a look at the instructions placed just below this article and remove the threat manually while following our recommended deletion steps.

Erase Anoncrack Ransomware

  1. Press Windows key+E.
  2. Navigate to the given paths:
  3. Locate the malicious file you could have opened the day the system got infected.
  4. Right-click the suspicious file and press Delete.
  5. Find files called pago.txt and ransom.jpg, right-click them separately and select Delete.
  6. Exit your File Explorer.
  7. Empty the Recycle bin.
  8. Reboot the system.
Download Remover for Anoncrack Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Anoncrack Ransomware Screenshots:

Anoncrack Ransomware
Anoncrack Ransomware

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