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Were you contacted by remote technicians asking to install AMMYY onto the computer? This is a remote desktop which could be used to connect to your operating system. Unfortunately, schemers may use this to your disadvantage. As our malware researchers have discovered, cyber criminals can conduct scams via phone. All they have to do is find a number in a telephone book, call you and convince you that your virtual security requires professional attention. Even though this scam is usually targeted at less savvy computer users, everyone should stay extra cautious. Overall, you do not need to delete AMMYY in order to avoid scams. All you have to do is remain cautious.

Please take note of the warning which is found on

If you receive a phone call claiming to be from 'Microsoft' or someone claiming to work on their behalf, telling you that you have a virus on your computer or some errors which they will help you to fix via Ammyy Admin, it is definitely a scam.
There also might be phone calls from people presenting themselves as internet service provider technicians or any other tech support specialists.

Even though AMMYY is free to individual users and they can install it from, you definitely should not acquire the application just because you are told to by some suspicious parties. Whether cyber criminals contact you via Skype, mobile phone or using other means, the outcome could be extremely devastating. Schemers could trick you into revealing the ID and the IP numbers of the downloaded AMMYY Admin client. If you accidentally authorize the connection, schemers could access your PC and infiltrate malware. In most cases, rogue malware removal software is installed using the remote connection. Schemers pretending to be the technicians of some reputable organization, like Microsoft, use fake AV tools to trick computer users that they need to purchase supposedly legitimate security tools to delete malware which does not even exist on their computers.

Cyber criminals can use different scams to infiltrate malware onto the computer. AMMYY Admin remote desktop could be employed as well. If you do not want schemers connecting to your operating system using this service, we advise that you ignore schemers’ demands to install the application. You also should never reveal your AMMYY ID number or IP address to anyone you do not know and trust. Furthermore, you should never authorize connections from unfamiliar clients. Note that malicious keyloggers and tracking cookies could be used to disclose the IP address and ID number, and so unfamiliar clients trying to connect to your PC could end up being cyber criminals.

AMMYY removal is not necessary if you are going to use it with caution. Nevertheless, you can delete the elements related to the remote desktop manually. On the other hand, malicious programs which may be running on your computer deserve more attention. You should install automatic malware removal software to ensure that rogue malware removers, data collecting keyloggers and other threats are deleted if they are active, and to ensure that they cannot enter the system in the future.

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