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Amazon Toolbar is an official browser add-on which is meant to help you browse the web quicker and to shop more conveniently. If you use services often and you are happy with them there is a great chance that you will want to acquire this application. Needless to say, there are certain risks involved with any browser extensions, plugins and toolbars; however, since this one is official and has a good reputation there is no need for worrying. Nonetheless, you may need to start worrying about Amazon Toolbar removal on one specific occasion. Please continue reading to learn how to delete the threat from the browsers and your operating Windows system.

You certainly should think about having Amazon Toolbar removed if it has not been downloaded from an official source ( There are tens of different software distributors which could offer you applications which may appear to work just like the original toolbar for the online shopping website. Whilst some of these distributors could be authentic, others could have mischievous intentions and work towards involving you in virtual scams. In general it is not recommended that you use third party distributors altogether if you can use the official source. As you may know already, third parties often bundle different programs in order to promote less popular ones. Without a doubt this is a window of opportunities for cyber criminals and other unreliable parties.

If you have downloaded Amazon Toolbar using the services of a third party distributor you should check your browsers and the computer for any unfamiliar programs which may have come packaged together. If you do not want to waste hours digging through your computer files we recommend employing a reliable malware scanner to check for any suspicious or untrustworthy programs.

Whether you want to delete Amazon Toolbar downloaded from the official source or through third parties we recommend that you follow the same steps. Firstly follow the manual removal instructions below to delete the undesirable toolbar from the PC and Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome browsers. Then install a scanner to examine the computer and make sure you remove any unreliable programs. Finally ensure that authentic Windows security software is enabled to guard your operating system from different threats. Note that if you have any more questions related to the program you can post them in the comment box below.

Delete Amazon Toolbar

Delete from Windows XP:

  1. Open the Start menu, click Control Panel and double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Remove the undesirable application and any other programs you no longer wish to run.

Delete from Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Go to the Task Bar, click Start and select Control Panel.
  2. Move to Uninstall a program and right-click the program you wish to remove. Click Uninstall.

Delete from Windows 8:

  1. Right-click on the Metro UI menu, click All apps and open the Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Uninstall a program.
  3. Now right-click the application you want to remove and select Uninstall.

Delete from Internet Explorer:

  1. Open IE, simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Manage Add-ons.
  2. Select Search Providers and choose/add a new default one.
  3. Now Remove the undesirable search provider and click Close.
  4. Tap Alt+T once more and select Internet Options.
  5. Click the General tab and locate the Home Page section.
  6. Overwrite/remove the displayed URL and then click OK.

Delete from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox, locate the search box and click the search provider icon.
  2. Select Manage Search Engines.
  3. Click the undesirable search provider, select Remove and OK.
  4. Simultaneously tap keys Alt+T.
  5. Click Options and then click the General tab.
  6. Overwrite/remove the Home Page URL and click OK.

Delete from Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome, simultaneously tap Alt+F and select Settings.
  2. Under On Startup mark Open a specific page or set of pages and click Set pages.
  3. Overwrite/remove the displayed URL and click OK.
  4. Under Appearance mark Show Home button.
  5. Now click Change and immediately repeat step 3.
  6. Under Search click Mange search engines.
  7. Locate the undesirable URL, click X to remove it from the list and hit Done.
Download Remover for Amazon Toolbar *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Amazon Toolbar Screenshots:

Amazon Toolbar
Amazon Toolbar


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