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Alot Toolbar is a malicious browser add-on which pretends to be a useful search-related application with the intent of making searching the web easier and faster. However, Alot Toolbar not only gathers information about your browsing habits, but relays these statistics back to its developers without your permission or knowledge, and further spams you with commercial ads based on these findings.

This browser add-on is delivered to its victims’ PCs through flash online ads, and as a part of bundled downloads obtained from third party websites. It usually does not even seek permission before installing itself, and inexperienced users may find it frustrating to effectively remove Alot Toolbar.

Other dangers and annoying attributes of Alot Toolbar is its propensity to change its victims’ homepages unilaterally, as well as hijack their Internet browsers and redirect users to dangerous websites. It may also present the user with malicious online ads containing dangerous and rubbish links in them.

The developers of Alot Toolbar markets this add-on as a user friendly search engine toolbar application, but that is certainly not the case. After registering itself on the system as a legitimate Browser Helper Object (BHO), Alot Toolbar will proceed to create annoying and pervasive pop up ads without the user’s permission. These annoying pop ups will not end until the user decides to obliterate Alot Toolbar from the system.

In order to regain control of your PC, and make your system secure again, erase Alot Toolbar from the system immediately. Invest in a properly functioning and updated security tool which will protect your PC from similar threats in future.

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