Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner Removal Guide

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Some users may not consider Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner a genuine system security threat, but this program could easily slow down your computer to the point you could no longer use it. It is a Trojan infection, and Trojans are one of the most dangerous threats out there. Also, the fact that you have this Trojan on-board could mean that you have many other unwanted programs leeching off your system. Hence, you have to remove Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner from your PC, and then look for ways to protect your system from similar intruders. It would also be a good idea to acquire a legitimate antispyware application.

The truth is that this Trojan is indirectly related to the notorious WannaCry ransomware because it uses the same exploit tool to enter Windows computers and run on the infected system. Of course, the difference between this Trojan and a ransomware infection is that it does not immediately lock down the infected computer. Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner and other similar Trojans are designed to run in the system background and remain undetected for as long as possible. It WOULD be possible to detect this infection if you keep your antispyware tool updated and run regular system scans.

To avoid such Trojans, you should be careful about the attachments you download from your inbox. Some spam email attachments may carry installers not only for this Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner Trojan but also for the ransomware infections. So it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are not sure about a file’s security, you can always scan it with an antispyware tool before opening it.

When Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner enters your computer, it installs a miner that is used to mine the Monero digital currency. This cryptocurrency was first launched in April 2014. According to encyclopedic sources, the currency normally focuses on “privacy, decentralization and scalability.” It does not mean that the creators of this currency are the ones who infect you with the Trojan. On the contrary, the Trojan is used by a malevolent third party that wants to make the cyber currency for free, at the expense of your system resources.

Once the miner starts running on your system, your computer becomes a part of a botnet network, allowing the attacker to mine digital money. And this program runs only with on the system administrator’s account. It will connect to,,, and servers after checking for antivirus program on your computer. So it would be a good idea to check for an antivirus process via Task Manager (provided you have had one in advance).

We would like to point out that it could be rather challenging to remove Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner manually. You would have to delete a lot of files and change quite a few registry entries. We will give you the list of files you need to edit or delete, but if you find it too overwhelming, you can get rid of the Trojan with a licensed antispyware tool. What’s more, a computer security tool of your choice will help you locate other potential threats, at the same time protecting your PC from other dangerous infections.

How to Remove Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner

  1. Press Win+R and type regedit. Click OK.
  2. Go to the following keys:
  3. From each key, delete the following values from the right pane:
  4. Delete the WELM key from the following paths:
  5. Exit Registry Editor and press Win+R. Type %WinDir%. Click OK.
  6. Delete the netbios.jfm file and open the Fonts folder.
  7. Delete the following files:
  8. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  9. Remove the sbv8.1_.exe.
  10. Scan your PC with a security tool.
Download Remover for Adylkuzz Crypto-Miner *
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