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If you have ever noticed various advertisements appearing while you are browsing the web, it might be that you have encountered AdChoices. Do not mix the advertisements that it produces with those that are displayed by various advertising-supported programs existing onto your computer. Unlike adware programs, AdChoices is a completely legitimate advertising service. It allows users to choose which ads they would like to see. In addition, you should know that all these ads might appear all across the Internet regardless of the browser you use. Thus, you will not have a chance to prevent them from being displayed. However, they should not scare you; it is known that they are completely safe.

Even if you do not remember whether you have ever noticed advertisements produced by AdChoices, you can notice them if you browse such websites as,, and Our researchers have found out that AdChoices are usually used by such major corporations as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo!. Do you wonder why these commercials are so important and why they are even displayed for you? As Microsoft explains, various ads help to keep different services free of charge. Besides, they are made in such a way that they would cause as little annoyance as possible; thus, they are going to show you more personalized content. You are able to turn off these personalized ads; however, it does not mean that you will not see commercials anymore.

Why these ads are called personalized? The answer is rather simple – they are based on your interests. As you might have probably understood, AdChoices needs some kind of information about the relevant sites that you visit and the particular services that you use. It has been revealed that such information as the type of the websites you visit, search terms that you enter, and search results that you click on as well as the pages that you open and the links that you click on. In addition, some technical information regarding your IP address, the type of your browser and operating system as well as your approximate location is gathered. Even though all this data might seem important, you should know that it is non-personally identifiable.

As it has been already mentioned, AdChoices is not an infection itself; it is a perfectly legal advertising service whose activities do not depend on the behavior of our system. However, other unwanted programs, for instance, adware might cause advertisements as well; thus, we recommend scanning your computer with an antimalware tool to make sure that other dangerous infections have not occupied it. We recommend using SpyHunter because we are sure that it will detect all the unwanted applications.

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