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24×7 Help Virus is a clandestine, malicious program which has been developed to promote suspicious Windows security products and system optimization tools which allegedly can protect your system and remove spyware. The program is distributed with the assistance of fake video codecs, PDF creators, via bundled downloads, spam email attachments, or using other drive-by download scams. The installation of the suspicious application is secretive so you may know nothing about its existence; however, sooner or later it will show up on your screen. The virus is represented in what appears as a box advertisement. It is stated that the program is meant to provide you with reliable computer assistance. You are given a phone number (+1 561-948-3761) which you supposedly can call to receive instant support for issues regarding computer, software or network. Please ignore the services and delete 24×7 Help Virus. Please continue reading to learn more about the removal processes.

Even though the pop-up box disclaims that the assistance provided through the 24×7 Helpline is reliable and the operators answering the questions are trained to work with Microsoft systems, you should not believe any information provided by the program. If you call the provided number it is most likely that you will receive a huge phone bill at the end of the month because the service is not free. This is one of the scams that the developers of 24×7 Help Virus have created to accumulate profit. Another trick they may use is the promotion of third-party Windows protection/malware removal software. Do not even think about clicking the System Check tab because this is where various tools will be offered for installation. For example, you may be suggested to install Spyware Terminator 2012, PC Performance Optimizer PCRx or Online Vault Backup. We do not recommend you install any spyware removal programs, authentic or rogue, presented by 24×7 Help Virus because this may create serious security issues.

There is no doubt that your operating Windows system is vulnerable and that malignant programs could be infiltrated without your knowledge. This is why you should delete 24×7 Help Virus and ensure that your PC is scanned for other potentially running threats. To ensure that you do not need to remove spyware in the future we recommend that you implement authentic spyware detection and removal software to guard your Windows system. Click the download button below to install a beneficial and authentic security tool SpyHunter which will delete all existing computer malware.

Download Remover for 24×7 Help Virus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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