Koobface.B worm Removal Guide

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Koobface.B Worm is a worm that spreads through social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others. If you closely at the worm’s name you will see if that Koobface is actually “Facebook” spelled backwards. It can infected all types of operating systems, and the main goal of Koobface.B Worm is to gather login data to various websites such as Facebook and other social media pages, although it has not been registered to steal financial information.

As far as the distribution via Facebook is concerned, Koobface.B Worm is spread through spam messages that are sent out from already infected users’ profiles to their friends. The messages carried by the worm are very random. Some of the examples include: “You must see it!!! LOL. My friend catched you on hidden cam,” “Is it really celebrity? Funny Moments,” “Paris Hilton Tosses Dwarf On The Street,” “Examiners Caught Downloading Grades From The Internet” and so on. These messages include a link to a youtube video, but when a user clicks on it, he is redirected to another site also hosts a video. However, once you try to watch the video, you will be informed that you need a special Flash Play if you want to watch the clip. Then you are suggested to download the latest version of Flash Player and the setup file that you download contains none the other but Koobface.B Worm itself.

Once installed Koobface.B Worm can communicate with other infected computers over the network and install other malware into your machine that in the end will display advertisements and redirect your search queries. This way Koobface.B Worm can be responsible for additional malware infecting your computer, so it is necessary to detect and remove it as soon as possible.

Since Koobface.B Worm does not have an interface and runs in the background of your system, manual removal is hard if you are not a computer specialist. That is why you need to acquire a trustworthy antimalware scanner that will detect all the worm’s components for you and remove Koobface.B Worm from your system automatically. Then don’t forget to run the full system scan again, to check whether you have any other malware left, because malicious threats like Koobface.B Worm seldom come alone.

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