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If you see a CompuSpy.exe process running in your Windows Task Manager, you can be sure that you have been infected with a dangerous keylogger CompuSpy. Generally it is a commercial keylogger, which means that it is a legitimate watching tool, mostly used to monitor children or employees. It allows parents to look after what their children are browsing on the internet, making sure that their kids are not exposed to a malicious content, but that is only side of the coin.

CompuSpy can easily be used for spying purposes as well. As this program records all your mouse clicks and keystrokes that you make with your keyboard. What is more, CompuSpy can also keep a track of all the websites that you visit, the emails you write and even your instant messenger conversations. Therefore, if CompuSpy falls into the wrong hands, cyber criminals can easily use to steal passwords and other important personal information via keylogging. Therefore, you need to be certain why this program is there in your computer, and if it appeared there out of nowhere, i.e. none of the people you know installed it; you might be in a serious trouble.

You see, since CompuSpy is very good at logging keystrokes, it can easily store such information as your banking logins and passwords or credit card numbers and expiration dates, especially if you frequently shop online. With this data saved and stored, it can later on transmit it over the network to a remote server, and your financial information might end up being used by hackers for various illegal operations. What is more, this program is always running in the background of your system, because upon the installation it performs certain changes in your Windows register and it allows CompuSpy to run automatically whenever you boot your operating system. That way the keylogger runs without being noticed.

You need to terminate CompuSpy now. Since it might be hard to get rid of this spying program on your own, get yourself a good antimalware program that will remove CompuSpy for you in no time. Even though this program does not damage your system to the point of no return, it is a severe breach of your privacy that can end in an obnoxious theft.

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