Savings Bull Removal Guide

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If you must get yourself an application which would inform you about various coupon deals and discount offers, better stay away from Savings Bull. Although this program promotes itself as a useful application that can help you save money while shopping online, the program is nothing but an adware application that may expose you to potential system threats. Thus, you are advised to remove Savings Bull from your computer immediately, along with other programs that this adware might have arrived with. Keep in mind that such programs often travel in packs.

The reason why you should not trust Savings Bull is because this program often enters your system bundled with other adware and adware helpers. Disregarding the fact that the application may really provide you with relevant shopping information, we need to take in consideration, that Savings Bull might be more dangerous than useful.

It is also true that it is possible to download the application directly from It is the main home page for the program and there you can see that Savings Bull is compatible with such popular commercial websites as Walmart, Best Buy, Expedia and others. The application cannot be successfully installed on computers that run on Windows 8. Also, Savings Bull does not install any extension or plug-in on your browser.

Once the problem loads, there is a process running in the background, named SavingsbullFilterService64.exe. You can also find an entry for the application in the list of installed programs in Control Panel. That is also the reason why it is not that hard to remove Savings Bull from your computer. Nevertheless, if you choose to remove the application manually, you need to remember that there might be other potentially unwanted programs that ought to be removed.

If you are still wondering why Savings Bull is supposed to be removed, then consider this: in order to display commercial advertisements and pop-ups this application needs to collect data on your web browsing history. This data cannot be personally identifiable, but if it is leaked to malicious third party, it could be used for marketing purposes, and in the long run you could be exposed to dangerous third party content.

After all, such adware applications as Savings Bull seldom review the third party content they display in the pop-up ads, so you obviously click them at your own risk! Refrain from click outgoing links to unknown websites and do what is best for you and your computer – uninstall Savings Bull.

To make sure that you have really removed the application, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner after manual removal, and invest in a powerful antimalware tool if need be.

How to remove Savings Bull

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start Menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program and remove SavingsBullFilter.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start menu button and go to Settings.
  2. Select Control Panel and go to Add or remove programs.
  3. Uninstall SavingsBullFilter.
Download Remover for Savings Bull *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Savings Bull Screenshots:

Savings Bull
Savings Bull

Savings Bull technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1IEOptimizer.dll86800 bytesMD5: 4b2637d1d05b95a25406b949d9d9d49d
2setup.exe644736 bytesMD5: 069781880e105da2b62071a732270bf0
3netfilter64.sys61592 bytesMD5: 3e71b9d55ede56bf5e11e923c0d09874
4savingsbull_install.exe887144 bytesMD5: 2193be8908d6d055b5bc1c0625e7ce51
5SavingsbullFilterService.exe144384 bytesMD5: 8274f260a93ab09adc06cc7fb6031e0a
6SavingsbullFilterService64.exe167936 bytesMD5: 17012c1572fddf039bc6519cbdcd9faf


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