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Considering all the infection symptoms it is easy to determine that Websearch.searchisbestmy.info is a browser hijacker. One can make such a conclusion just by looking at the main infection symptoms, namely – the home page modification. You might need to remove not only Websearch.searchisbestmy.info itself, but also an entire list of other associated applications in order to avoid potential system security threats, but at least you will know where to start if your home page gets changed. To figure out which other programs should be removed from your computer as well, you should run a full system scan with a reliable antimalware scanner.

Although Websearch.searchisbestmy.info looks like a decent search engine, it is still a computer threat, because it displays third party commercial advertisements without even bothering to review them. The same has been done by other similar infections, for example, Websearch.wisesearch.info or websearch.searchguru.info. What is more, the highly disturbing fact related to this browser hijacker is that users often install it unwittingly along with freeware applications. According to our computer security researchers, Websearch.searchisbestmy.info usually comes bundled with freeware and adware, so you should refrain from downloading a lot of free of charge applications from unreliable sources, as it might expose you to potential computer security risks.

You will know at once that you are infected with Websearch.searchisbestmy.info, because your default home page and search engine will be changed for WebSearch. It might actually look like a decent and squeaky clean search engine, but do take note of the commercial ad that is displayed right underneath the search box. Websearch.searchisbestmy.info does not generate this advertisement’s content – it is generated via third party advertising system, and so Websearch.searchisbestmy.info might become a vehicle for malware distribution, if cyber criminals embed their own corrupted content into such ads, and you accidentally click one.

Not to mention that this browser hijacker may display other types of advertisements while you browse the Internet, at the same time collecting data on your web browsing habits in order to generate a customized flow of ads, that would be more related to your likes and preferences. It obviously violates your privacy, and since one cannot trust Websearch.searchisbestmy.info, the application must be removed from your PC right now.

Even if you know which shareware application Websearch.searchisbestmy.info came with, removing the app does not mean that your browser settings will get back to normal. Hence, make use of SpyHunter free scanner, and launch a full PC scan to determine which files need to be removed at once. Consequently, invest in a powerful computer security tool that would safeguard your system against other similar threats.

How to restore browser settings

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T and click Internet options.
  2. Open Advanced tab and press Reset.
  3. Mark Delete personal settings option and click Reset.
  4. Click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click Firefox button and navigate to Help.
  2. Click Troubleshooting information.
  3. Press Reset Firefox on a new tab.
  4. Click Reset Firefox on a new pop-up dialog box and press Finish.

Modify Google Chrome Settings

  1. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  2. Select Open a specific page or set of pages under On Startup.
  3. Click Set pages, delete Websearch.searchisbestmy.info, enter a new home page address and click OK.
  4. Select Manage search engines under Search.
  5. Set a new default search engine, delete Websearch.searchisbestmy.info and click Done.

If you are still having problem with Websearch.searchisbestmy.info and other potential threats, then do not hesitate to leave us a comment below.

Download Remover for Websearch.searchisbestmy.info *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Websearch.searchisbestmy.info Screenshots:


Websearch.searchisbestmy.info technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
15207d03fdbc55.dll215918 bytesMD5: 2e04276c0bbc5ea45fc8cdb4162d320c
251b345db87da4.dll269765 bytesMD5: 76eea8ec8a017eaff7770304e180c143
373POns8fz.dll328640 bytesMD5: 24be6cfe41b2fad2ff381af0c42ef681
451a81c8ed664d.dll177174 bytesMD5: 87e5743e2c7a67558eb4eb7881d7dff3
5J.dll476672 bytesMD5: cc243dc93ec25740487907acf3e8d3cd
65191b930ea66d.dll298469 bytesMD5: 7c6d485cabc769b4845dbb75e5f21ae4
751d5ab140eb4c.dll247653 bytesMD5: e99b7a05485f2ef0ee45af5d5941cdf6
851d80340e6685.dll183310 bytesMD5: b910e4a46079f271c9a2093e4880e860
951781d13e1388.dll177020 bytesMD5: 9e7d750e2b6c9baa9f638a4dcec687b4
105176b579476b8.dll176128 bytesMD5: e4855074854caa109ad5b459ac657df1
11oK1low.dll292306 bytesMD5: ee2c77c2d13634515fe72c6c73a1ba2b
12519491b675eb3.dll250848 bytesMD5: 9ee7db14e667698f5a21c8de8b925f26
1351f2e2a1b56a7.dll183687 bytesMD5: 016af5aac12123a63adccbc2d27591fa
14DySmNYB.dll302074 bytesMD5: e99dcee27f2292a34eba892a32743f28
155184d6d5b3a19.dll271783 bytesMD5: fa12b7f74d1d83c811e715a547af4ae9
167IF0P2.dll184320 bytesMD5: 0e093772550eb9541dd715c016b5584a
1751c9d093c706c.dll230261 bytesMD5: 09100e03b26d2c9a1e47266ec9fff0e2
1851d24849da9f0.dll183180 bytesMD5: ba6a8c13e14b22b3cfddd26eddf71611
1951d5b695884e3.dll247796 bytesMD5: c1d1372afb3633aaaf54e9e4a4801b15
2051f2e1f12e0d4.dll183292 bytesMD5: e959109c4335f4fc3580c02ca11f1f2a
2151f2e2017ba4c.dll183147 bytesMD5: aa9fe96b39502e4a1a736b32076302bf
22qr9Pz.dll291699 bytesMD5: b0b34d9969e8189ed3decc1e8cbf10b4
23UcKqwABo.dll338284 bytesMD5: 24a4e832d4c515f08f4140c6d9f1ddc1
241ebSA.dll297387 bytesMD5: 81ffcd755b78c5e3c09629622da34d07
25tLsu6.dll352683 bytesMD5: 280b22982ac058492707d4e70f9bdd3b
260_DGyz3E2.dll338794 bytesMD5: 015e10ec860505fa78a4e12a04b0a99c
27518b47530c612.dll223716 bytesMD5: 4dae2ec6aad8e1b170cb7342844acf10
2851eff8d2881ed.dll183662 bytesMD5: deedc6b9d1a8ca36a92d78791539b61e
2951f587c6bf1bd.dll183270 bytesMD5: e61f716565c92d81f0e4667c0b59e965
304Gtb7E5w.dll292818 bytesMD5: c15ce8b1c5bf9f0c85f24f7457d5ceab
3151b448312fbd1.dll277407 bytesMD5: bd6ccc221ff3ab52dccac0602b75f078
325197911148eb4.dll223581 bytesMD5: f832a5624d7248b9d489a9ca31f9751b
33tUCrj.dll374228 bytesMD5: 9f140c28e5904e2bb8b84c447f5919bc
34P1mvWGY_.dll592343 bytesMD5: 3b3565b6d75a367d5b85c6c408dd1464
35dAZl32fZ0f.dll352622 bytesMD5: b2b5dd7309acd13142cbdbb31171a2ca
360owSHnXX5.dll375677 bytesMD5: e58ab6d89621c257e53d1e751292e0f6
37517ff7f304cba.dll177019 bytesMD5: 3fd1dd538226beea6b9cafb5cb083f9f
38FfV8R8VV1.dll616409 bytesMD5: 7bef5087f7a2ddc388e02c34ccee0c4e
3951d5af6448402.dll216027 bytesMD5: c2c879d3600bc3de4cec3380ad911322
40Ee.dll375632 bytesMD5: 7f8552f14f6f6d48127380565023fc1b
41520a1e0b2b90e.dll215989 bytesMD5: a90adfa7c960f48189a089b668855c2b
4251f45dfb811ce.dll277998 bytesMD5: d17d7790772c1bb977c100d4a60e462b
4351d9c512799de.dll227668 bytesMD5: e4e522c4fbdafa9dd92bdb6aaea5ff27
44518693ab7debf.dll170926 bytesMD5: 1efa430501e6c8acbff06a30e446bb19
4551eff739a5c60.dll183766 bytesMD5: f6a763dbe3bfc7e2a45e3661d3abe7a4
4651c9d08f7d50d.dll230288 bytesMD5: 1764a7fffc6e3a640c3108829e294a2b
4751f5314096ffe.dll176640 bytesMD5: 625587f2caed57b3f6bd7f740754cbc1
4851f43fd81a6eb.dll278029 bytesMD5: f9463d711feba200aba347365c731b4e
4951c7f93ec9403.dll183230 bytesMD5: d2a99e8be29f860a71f49468e5f0cc24
50iz.dll526231 bytesMD5: 63b3965221d8177e141cae298e77b6ca


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