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TR/Staser.rfm is a computer infection that is classified as a Trojan, and it may also be known as Mal/VMProtBad-A or Trojan.Win32/Staser.fv. The name given to the infection depends on the security application which detects it. Different programs may give different names to the same detection, and so TR/Staser.rfm also has more than one title. However, despite this confusion, almost every computer security application recognizes the program as a dangerous computer threat, and so if you run regular system scans with your antimalware tool, you can be sure that TR/Staser.rfm will be detected and removed on time.

Based on certain categorizations, the functions of TR/Staser.rfm may depend on what malware infection it is a component of. For example, it might be even an adware helper or a password stealer – it depends solely on its creators what they want TR/Staser.rfm to do and be. This Trojan affects all Windows operating systems starting from Windows 2000 and higher. The infection may arrive at your system in a more than just way one.

The most popular method of distribution involves bundling TR/Staser.rfm with freeware and shareware programs. According to computer security experts, this threat is usually installed with eSafe Security Control, and that can be backed up by the fact that once run TR/Staser.rfm copies itself to this directory: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\eSafe\eGdpSvc.exe.

As one can probably tell, eGdpSvc.exe is an executable file which belongs to eSafe Security Control. The program is a shareware application which is distributed from a user to a user. Although the program has not been created to infect you with malware, due to its shareware nature it can be bundled with the likes of TR/Staser.rfm thus inadvertently becoming a part of malware distribution network.

It is also known that TR/Staser.rfm is closely related to wsys.exe process file as well. This file is often classified as keylogger, which means that it can capture all the key strokes you type on your keyboard. It would be of no surprise then that TR/Staser.rfm is sometimes classified as a password stealer – keylogger function is basically perfect for it.

Since TR/Staser.rfm usually enters your system surreptitiously, you may not know whether you have the infection or not until it is too late to do anything about it. Therefore, open your Task Manager right now, and check all the processes running on the list. If you see any unfamiliar processes, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. If you have any dangerous files or programs installed, the scanner will detect them immediately.

Should TR/Staser.rfm be detected, invest in a powerful antimalware tool to remove the Trojan automatically once and for all. Allowing the infection to stay on your computer is not an option, as it might result in a variety of undesirable consequences.

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