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Trojan.Startpage.VH is a dangerous computer infection that violates your privacy as it is installed without your knowledge. If you do not have a reliable spyware removal tool, you may not be able to learn about its presence as it runs in the background of the system. However, in case your security software has detected Trojan.Startpage.VH on your PC, do not wait and remove from the compute to prevent damage that may be done to the computer.

Tens of harmful files are known to be associates with the Trojan horse in question, some of them you may find running in the Windows Task Manager. It may be difficult to manually find the majority of the files as they use rootkit techniques to hide themselves from security programs. The files that you may not find easily are such as lollipop.exe, wininit.exe, auccache.exe, and some other. Moreover, some of the components of Trojan.Startpage.VH may bear the names of legitimate system file, which is why instead of manual removal you should choose a spyware removal tool which will examine the files of the system and identify the malicious ones.

It is essential that you remove Trojan.Startpage.VH as this threat can disable Windows Security Center notifications, alter the settings of Firewall, disable Safe Mode, monitor and record what websites are visited by the user. As a result, the collected data can be sent to remote attackers. Moreover, the threat may download new files which are installed without your approval in order to start new malicious processes.

One of the malicious files that pretends to be a Windows file bears the name of lssas.exe, which is located in the System32 folder. If you find this file outside the mentioned directory, it is likely that you have found the dangerous file which can record your data inputs, initiate spam email attacks, restrict access to some parts of the system, and perform other illegal actions.

The removal of Trojan.Startpage.VH is the only wise move that you should make in order to prevent unwanted consequences. However, it is not enough to delete Trojan.Startpage.VH as the same or a very similar infection may attempt to affect the system in the near future. Our advice is to use SpyHunter as this spyware removal tool can terminate the infection and fight various computer infections off.

Download Remover for Trojan.Startpage.VH *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Trojan.Startpage.VH technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1zjvdlfulfrbsn.exe217600 bytesMD5: 26798352479d372fe75527f7811c0a05
2antim32.exe222720 bytesMD5: c5118dd372e19607a9f3a3dac88eb8b3
3wdfngr.exe8192 bytesMD5: ca8c384a8dcea426e9d49c30edb9949e
4lsass.exe1199104 bytesMD5: 5a4a47390c9c7f84c827160473738bf5
5CFLauncher.exe102400 bytesMD5: c2cab29434d1542bb7f672cb544b039e
6mspkeiq.com1071813 bytesMD5: d27bf9408a319575fdf34354ab89110d
7rndm.exe2499509 bytesMD5: 0b6e4d63308d346f6a9a25d2ad1f0057
8foop.exe2634368 bytesMD5: 2f2a7333398595bd8e2f9d5331006403
9889FB0.exe117760 bytesMD5: bdc5069f1a779fbafefd203a489a4c43
1050 ant.exe1345372 bytesMD5: c5cf11f0e05e3929d7544b333da91da2
11svchost.exe76288 bytesMD5: efe4448f4b7360b0582206c76c913af6
12Lollipop.exe1175040 bytesMD5: daba8778c62281079be105a745d60abc
13Windows Loader.exe3473072 bytesMD5: c4d6d3633382fe25a25aa4ee12a19560
14wscsvc.exe261632 bytesMD5: a0f2c6a67b23e144893f48303a5be4f4
15pmz4.exe48128 bytesMD5: 03d3973eae8e73a0916b31affb1179a9
16mirc.exe2821120 bytesMD5: 21062819c16c3bd155135a1c6fbb0262
17coin-miner.exe1230336 bytesMD5: 0563f4dc872f3b2622381b7fd73568fa
18gghvnjdd.exe50176 bytesMD5: 779df68336c939c4c511783704130f75
19mhkshhzcwnil.exe158720 bytesMD5: d15dfce0b592c5071e7216aeed6c97c3
20taskmrg.exe201216 bytesMD5: 6cbbdb4dd747135a6a284159c1256ad0
21n.60928 bytesMD5: a123550859857d571fc4e33cf937ca69
22sjyudy.exe7680 bytesMD5: 68783ab0d7a5d38bb404036e245e2714
23kxqisicnljprrghke.exe215552 bytesMD5: 3b8408a91ab24ae5f7d726fb45d9823c
241547670.exe53248 bytesMD5: d87ab90fd070ef987b5e46009fc2eecb
25CC503C.exe56328 bytesMD5: 6e99d9ef1eee9dc145ea3f676c26f6b4
26dxfrlu.exe1039831 bytesMD5: df7e7ffa1f39d6dad9d044650074e3cb
27install_SopCast3.2.9.exe5364595 bytesMD5: a040fcea4e8998a28a34c81357d6b45f
28lollipop_03140654.exe893440 bytesMD5: 5cbce1b24019334bda4e0d0f42820dd9
29cpe17antiautorun1150.exe139264 bytesMD5: 64f085e89a72763aa1a06ae69fb81526
30pkxoffao.dll766976 bytesMD5: 9cf5c1d6ff3ce47e5882cbe1a718efc6
31SensApi.exe91648 bytesMD5: 1253a473a39ccedc24122bf602a72f20
32moursno.exe138752 bytesMD5: 30b4fdcf44c8690ef75669a3a2708688
33ED89.exe161792 bytesMD5: cbc50add961a197e23ee84769629f128
3468eb18f8f3bc632f7792eeb0fbbd1a6f.exe104960 bytesMD5: 9e6c765e80332ebb993b795f2e211463
35JavaUploader.exe1225728 bytesMD5: ff32f58af06bfe028886675d375b4740
36GetBooks.exe980158 bytesMD5: 399d38a89016e3d8ee58eb4722bea284
37svcnost.exe104960 bytesMD5: f65bd4639eb1081b7d560f36e5469fe5
38A577F5.exe106496 bytesMD5: b68dd16a04aea9b56778e817a2d64acf
39wininit.exe1521664 bytesMD5: 5437015bb20b95199e144fba92b6a47a
40fgnopdiu.dll752640 bytesMD5: 95cfd791785c9668aac026d792f78104
41DisplaySwitch.exe34816 bytesMD5: da515d187373e1597abc41c0e9a9c932
42syshost.exe164352 bytesMD5: a9a31a95a5fbe35d363de98fc18f0cb5
43wlcomm.com381501 bytesMD5: da2deffdbc94b511d72d6be47b60713d
44bzwQ4H3.exe167936 bytesMD5: 2a5699a0495c713c5e150045bed09599
45Windows 7 Loader.exe2292806 bytesMD5: a4972293885774abf36e7604f854aceb
46keygen.exe33792 bytesMD5: add33009127c1d1f3e56215b6a4e4d9c
47msjava.exe8420193 bytesMD5: c93f366f94a42fa1d6ce738ffb369005
4889fd0ef34b4550600859f4a9840ee246.exe52736 bytesMD5: 738939a4602f4e155fcde3c3826d8a12
492F9.exe109568 bytesMD5: 6cb50f5f0272b164ebadb28cafc8716f
50AliveService.exe26112 bytesMD5: 61fa08115da7f3719c069762ce6df253
51hh1.exe1589248 bytesMD5: 97e01b7d491aa9e979f819a44f995a65
52oKalendarz.exe749128 bytesMD5: 8d4f228c0a66a5b74e32febe8e45dbfe
53Java.exe411648 bytesMD5: 870bb05ca88c1b9c514bf8f672a78490
54doc.exe2647741 bytesMD5: 02cd659bc5ac4099204c75746712aee9
55app_data.exe106853 bytesMD5: 4042d9f7d23b1e8a8f63367352770e04
56ciadmin.exe870489 bytesMD5: 7cfdaef0c8b3f1f2a8b15a31110db217
57svhost.exe1538798 bytesMD5: 02ea4fa98d4acc33a0c23ccbf05a81f6
58iexplor.exe1115334 bytesMD5: c4b41e750167c06d680f91119cba72be
59iluxzd.exe1179648 bytesMD5: 61a1ca64618b797e80d9d6729ff02e43
60skype.dat188416 bytesMD5: c3015d4ed157515cd645ed4f90b4db06
61uaccache.exe49152 bytesMD5: ea41eadbf3a67786ebce40c4071aa2c2
62translateclient_cpu_donate.exe743936 bytesMD5: 3d34dcee1e71e1795b40fd8db6ee9882
63BioCredProv.exe114176 bytesMD5: 1ef1e54ee6cf4e58cc2fc36f116e524a
64MusicConverterSetup.exe443904 bytesMD5: f75abfbe7605e3300a67dcc59c036ab1
65ntfs64.dll8443904 bytesMD5: b49e0938407ade7d65c0055a1806532e
66sms.exe1098146 bytesMD5: abeb20f907ea07ef289551ca321cf9c6


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