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QueenCoupon should not be on the list of installed programs because it is an adware application, and it may inadvertently expose you to potentially corrupted content. You can access the main homepage for this application via queencoupon.info, but it is more than obvious that the direct download link is not available there. QueenCoupon has more ways to spread around, and if you are not careful enough, this application will enter your system. Remove QueenCoupon the moment you notice this program, and you will be able to avoid a number of potential computer security issues.

If you are wondering about QueenCoupon’s distribution methods, the answer is simple – bundled downloads. All adware applications based on JustPlugIt engine employ this distribution method to reach computer users in various countries. To tell you the truth, QueenCoupon is just a newer version of ShopNDrop, RocketCoupon, Deal4me and a list of other adware applications that users often install on their computers by mistake. QueenCoupon usually gets distributed via InstallRex installers, although it is known that this application might also spread through Vittalia and Amonetize installers as well.

Most often, users download QueenCoupon accidentally without even realizing it. The installer file for this application (and most probably a number of other unwanted programs) hides behind fake download buttons on file sharing and torrent websites. What is more, it is common for adware applications to have an opt-out button on the installation wizard, so it means that you should be able to avoid installing QueenCoupon if you are attentive enough. Unfortunately, these days users tend to skip important installation steps.

As a result, QueenCoupon gets installed on your computer, and it also adds extensions to all main browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). The program entry in Control Panel may differ from system to system because QueenCoupon is part of the semi-random name adware family. You may still recognize the application although the letter configuration in the title might be slightly different, for example, QueenCoUpoN or QueeenCoupoon.

With this adware program installed on your computer, you will experience an onslaught of commercial advertisements. These advertisements will make an impression that they want to help you find various goods at an optimal price. However, QueenCoupon cannot guarantee that the third-party websites it redirects you to are completely safe. Some of them might be used to collect personally non-identifiable data, or redirect you further to potentially corrupted web pages.

To avoid computer security threats, you should uninstall QueenCoupon right now. Follow the instructions below to get rid of this application, and after manual removal, be sure to scan your computer with a legitimate computer security tool. There might be other unwanted applications on board, so you have to terminate them as well, thus safeguarding your PC against potential threats.

How to uninstall QueenCoupon

Windows 8

  1. Move mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Click Settings on Charm bar and go to Control panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program and remove QueenCoupon.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start menu and click Control panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program and remove QueenCoupon.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start menu and select Control panel.
  2. Go to Add or remove programs and uninstall QueenCoupon.

Remove from browser

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+T and go to Add-ons.
  2. Disable and remove QueenCoupon from Extensions.
  3. Restart browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and go to Tools.
  2. Open Extensions and remove QueenCoupon.
Download Remover for QueenCoupon *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

QueenCoupon Screenshots:


QueenCoupon technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1O.dll428544 bytesMD5: a098b4b4da553505288f62ce0ab2cc4b
229lyZhBiw.dll423424 bytesMD5: 3bb7c8d0dc2fec73ae0cab74f72f36b4
3EOpm9rh.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 06220fb674d692a8677711b6e27b6775
4wRZiJhVK.x64.dll472576 bytesMD5: 4850546f6ba3f73fc31631d4fe356446
5s.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 02ee7e5481a13c262aa4acb54e353d5c
6IZqJvh79M.x64.dll478720 bytesMD5: 216dd620d9abc10f45fd2ccee1d13bd1
7lapH.dll425984 bytesMD5: 91574c9250c96746fdb159ce83bbf693
8_p1c.dll424448 bytesMD5: 1fffc8fd5828630768435881e35ecdf3
9FqsQxSbrr.x64.dll475136 bytesMD5: 1c70ef4eb6f7c3b71fb49c44504fb449
101DgaSp.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 064347526df688e0da0fca570da10d22
11Wh.dll425984 bytesMD5: 7300efd06604b1f48e6db36101c4314b
12Kt3cGU.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: e7d6f2600c064805d399011376cde4df
13XIq_.dll424960 bytesMD5: 06d8d4dde99c7a1aebd35c7de8fefe23
141.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: ccfcc09acb6a16f8c4baec9f7299b468
15b44cm.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: 80ca1f58d9547c9646eda3eccae3c067
16670VR69B.dll428544 bytesMD5: e22ca648c340682132e7daffb12f028b
17IRaz.x64.dll477696 bytesMD5: 1c157b6c9f75b1def08dd93ed0bf834c
18nwB2o_8.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 335afac04e7ee6358d30a134c37576c9
191i.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: af3f8b894fa6f15bf60310cb7e265bd9
20ZcaRwyFod.x64.dll591872 bytesMD5: 281cd06e8a397df09d681c36ff87fde3
21NAmsvq.x64.dll473088 bytesMD5: ae724ee926da17ec677d0f87ad3442e7
22U.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 58fa6f95b1386b7d5187386d258c214b
23zSUEW1M.dll425472 bytesMD5: 55ee2e1e5fd1f0b78730a226a0c47ee8
24YDLjB7.dll427520 bytesMD5: d0283421e80c8947eb1541a6a178ec2d
25_oUEOu7j.x64.dll476160 bytesMD5: bcd58ceaab8b5de00eb078f1e5cd5780
26VIDUlB.x64.dll477696 bytesMD5: edf712d8d000ab2ed000a32f7f5e8677
27jLFc7P8.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 58a25a368dada6ac4fb36eeac87be6e1
28fX9W.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 5131faf9d921a65ffe88896e4d2eb297
29zPX.dll427520 bytesMD5: 5c915c4a23bece53b8e482ae8a161abc
30TD5E.dll425472 bytesMD5: d4a81837c90dcb48b83de18e265b39b9
31RpYp.dll423936 bytesMD5: d01bfd997d30e6444b55ef22db6129eb
32vKK0Nryvl_.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 35e8eaa8b11a9b41dda2d1404ff1f546
33JNkZ5.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: 99e5366d937beff741ad9711ad5fc9bc
34spXGqYZ.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: e6b73766de71c8102972cc94984d62c1
35Xtki.dll424448 bytesMD5: bef06e20771ab8762fc77617d862e995
36bU53br6.x64.dll475136 bytesMD5: 84b113f3762950295eaa4d67f9cd4115
372.dll424448 bytesMD5: 1f697f53d1cc62e4d6718ea959f53cc4
3885ArmSK.dll423424 bytesMD5: ec4675a4a05caa0deb9738b177c814fc
39GRBB.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: a3a1b06d6eccf213eecfa72a37fbd16e
40T.dll424448 bytesMD5: 5837ef3d4d787ee2e2a2dc19e4ed638f
41VWG1epP.dll425472 bytesMD5: 571857dc3d3fe6c8ebd64696ebad541c
422.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 61735f10d88b4422125e914655c848f3
43pv28ykM.dll424960 bytesMD5: 1c51821dc9d9a8c99019834f8c0884e5
44rNNW.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 214fab434795769c6c2f87746730447c
45ynGKhjDpY.x64.dll472576 bytesMD5: fa5210870266d374b130206b564fb5d2
466Eb1.dll428544 bytesMD5: 337c54f4af7cbdb94c0e15d310a34a32
47dsPHv0Ul.dll422912 bytesMD5: cbfb4de6c67b5df521fc8a3b8ea34f32
4890CG.dll368640 bytesMD5: 076444453eaa7f631d68889c168f25df


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