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Category: BHO's is a website offering you browser extensions like iLivid Toolbar which are meant to enhance online media downloading. This however is just a pretty disguise that hides truly intrusive and malignant processes. It has been discovered that the site is advertised alongside such tools as BearShare and iMesh. Unfortunately, many tools and browser plug-ins are promoted using deceptive methods. If you continue reading, you will discover why you should delete related items, why this site is misleading and why your PC should be shielded by automatic threat detection and removal software.

Right when you go to, you are lured by statements like “Experience faster downloading and immediate viewing with an awesome Free Download Manager“. You must be extremely cautious about such promotion, because some online marketers and cyber crooks can present you with any information to reach their sinister goals. Regardless, any software downloaded through this site or existing on your computer without your own authorization should be deleted.

As research shows, once you click download buttons placed within, you initiate the installation of iLivid Toolbar. This prompts you with a secondary installation window, where you are offered the so-called recommended installation version. If you click on it, you install a highly suspicious Search-Result toolbar, becomes your home page and becomes your default search engine. None of these should be trusted, especially if you do not want to be tricked into clicking on dangerous ads and visiting other deceitful sites.

Web page rerouting, adware displays and unauthorized software installation is common activity of You should beware of the site and items linked to it. In fact, if you do not want to become a victim of cyber crooks and their online schemes, you should remove related browser plugins. It is best to install automatic removal software to delete malware, and SpyHunter is a reliable, up-to-date tool that you could use to guard your operating Windows system.

Download Remover for *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots: technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1iLividSetup-r2149-n-bi.exe1758776 bytesMD5: 9ffe9b4807dbd35878959764d4875c57
2datamngrUI.exe1115536 bytesMD5: 40a329fe101ae594f879d2133e223d0a
3iLividSetup-r757-n-bi.exe1624136 bytesMD5: 03e65fbca95c55b2cb40ba0fa8aa16b4
4iLividSetup-r2251-n-bi.exe1921920 bytesMD5: b6a829dfa9751d34764648926270f5ef
5iLividSetup-r1511-n-bo.exe1765976 bytesMD5: 83f952b9c136d13ae9b3bbe1594f1e0a
6iLividSetup-r312-n-bi.exe1923880 bytesMD5: e48cd0c1da19aad68ba2cab84ceb14a9
7iLivid Downloader.exe1111552 bytesMD5: e974c8315ad80d839d79b98c3797e522
8iLividSetupV1.exe311633 bytesMD5: daf3ee2f441fd5dd6e8146a80aeea273
9iLividSetup-r1109-n-bi.exe1923872 bytesMD5: f17c3658ca0ad92a0bb8d2144852ee07
10iLividSetup-r120-n-bi.exe1923880 bytesMD5: 2b1532464d1357a97d00677bb8937b85
11iLividSetup-r0-n-bi.exe1923872 bytesMD5: b73ac77b18084b52722d5be65ff1a23b
12ilivid.exe1946112 bytesMD5: f6a90c059c5bacc2a30e9ba3327ecbda
13iLividSetup.exe1302424 bytesMD5: 6b8c39c5b218b28d9c3f4b35b626529e


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