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Windows security experts recommend that you delete All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus from the operating system as soon as you discover that the threat has corrupted your web browsers. It is extremely important to note that if the clandestine threat corrupted your browsers it means that your personal computer is vulnerable to malware which may enter the system using drive-by download and social engineering scams. In order to guarantee that no other clandestine infections can corrupt your browsers or take over the entire system you should employ authentic malware detection and removal software. Needless to say, right now your focus should be pointed at successful All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus removal. Please continue reading the report to discover how to delete the clandestine threat from your browsers.

As research shows, ransomware infections are often used by cyber criminals to earn money. Despite this, All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus works in a different manner than such well-known ransomware threats as Cyber Command of Arizona virus, Cyber Command of South Texas virus or Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus. Even though the infection is presented in a similar manner, other ransomware are controlled by Trojans, work from within your personal computer, can reconfigure the Registry Editor and are much more difficult to delete. Of course, it may seem difficult to delete this ransomware as well because every time you will try to click out of your infected Internet Explorer you will be presented with this notification:

Your browser has been locked.
All PC Data will be detained and criminal procedures will be initiated against you if the fine will not be paid.

Unfortunately, most Windows users are likely to pay attention to this threat, especially because of the FBI and Department of Justice credentials attached to the browser-locking notification. This is a trick that cyber criminals have used to convince you that police have caught you distributing pornography, using illegal media fines or aiding malware. All of these accusations are completely bogus and are focused at the fictitious $300 fine payment request. We can guarantee that you do not need to pay any money via the MoneyPak system because this fine is illegitimate. What is more, you can remove All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus from affected browsers without paying this fine.

As our researchers have discovered, the clandestine All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus, aside from Internet Explorer, can affect Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other popular web browsers. If this has happened to you, simply click the X on the top-right corner of your browser and select Leave Page. Those running Internet Explorer should complete the removal guide displayed below.

How to delete the threat from Internet Explorer?

  1. Locate the Task Bar at the bottom of the desktop and right-click it.
  2. Open the Task Manager and click the Processes tab.
  3. Locate the Show processes from all users button and click it.
  4. Now click iexplore.exe to highlight it and select End Process.
  5. Click End process to confirm the selection and restart the browser. Make sure you do not access any tabs opened in your last session.

Even if you delete All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus successfully, there are no guarantees that the clandestine infection will not regenerate. What is more, it is almost certain that your PC is infected with other dangerous malware. Therefore, we strongly recommend employing reliable malware detection and removal software (e.g. SpyHunter) to ensure the protection of your virtual security.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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