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EasyToShop is an annoying adware that will serve you no good! You will get numerous pop-ups, ads and coupons that will interrupt your browsing experience. You will be a victim of tracking, and eventually this potentially unwanted application could serve as a gateway to an actual infection. Remove EasyToShop now and end your troubles while they are not out of hand!

Marketed as a useful tool that will help with your online shopping EasyToShop will not do any of those things. In the security world EasyToShop is considered to be adware as it serves no other purpose than displaying third-party adverts while you browse the web. Developed by InstalleRex-WebPick, it has been circulating around the web for quite some time now mostly affecting users from the USA. Basically the software is a variant of a known adware (SaveAS, SaveNShare, AKA) that is re-branded in order to hide its origin. Once any symptoms are present on your system we strongly recommend that you remove EasyToShop from your PC.

You could, most of the time, get this annoying infection without even knowing as it is distributed in various dubious ways. One of these ways is an Adobe and Java exploit. This is one of the main methods that unwanted and malicious applications are spread. Most users will be running Java or some kind of Adobe software on their systems, and what cybercriminals do is they create bogus update/upgrade/re-install pop-up that deceives users into allowing an installation process to take place. Making sure that any kind of update was issued lately on an official vendor is the best prevention from these kinds of attacks.

Various hoax email attachments are also a common way that unwanted and malicious applications are spread. Cyber crooks will try and make email look like a legitimate one in order to manipulate the user clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malicious attachment. Always take caution and double check the sender and the legitimacy of the sender as you can never truly know what you are clicking on or downloading onto your system. These habits could save your system. Furthermore, you will not be wasting time in order to remove the unwanted application.

Bundling third-party applications is another common way to spread these kinds of applications. Always pay attention to what are you actually installing. Especially if you are using popular download clients like: ClickDownload, Brothersoft, CNET etc. Always chose the advanced installation option in order to gain control over the process. You will be able to select the directory, and see if there are any other third-party applications being installed and if so there is always a possibility to stop that. Do not rush and you should be ok. Otherwise you will have to remove the adware as it is something that you do not want on your system.

EasyToShop exhibits quite a few dangerous traits, one of these are tracking of users. Once you got this application running on your system your activities on the web will be tracked. It will include your IP address, your browser type, your browser language, your email address etc. All of this is confirmed and stated in the official Privacy Policy section that you agree while installing the application. Here is what vendors state:

“Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to, your name, email address, postal address and phone number ("Personal Information").”

The statement is quite clear: you actually do not know what personal information is extracted while you browse while using this extension. It could be very sensitive data: date of birth, bank details, social security numbers etc. This could result in a very serious problem! To name a few: theft from the bank account, fake loans issued in your name. You can clearly see why we strongly advise users to remove this potentially unwanted application.

Another dubious trait that EasyToShow exhibits is various redirections to third-party vendor’s websites. Since EasyToShop cannot control the redirections and are not responsible for the content of those websites you are likely to land in a malicious website at some point. These malicious websites might be a cause of various infections. Also these dubious websites could be a hoax imitation of something that you are familiar with. An online shopping vendor, for instance. Without even knowing you could be lured into providing your sensitive data while trying to purchase something online. No goods will be delivered and you will end up with stolen personal data. Be very careful and if you have EasyToShop on your system try and avoid clicking on any links before you remove the unwanted application from your computer.

We recommend that you remove this application immediately! Manual removal can be tricky and should be performed by an advanced user only, as it might involve cleaning the Windows registry. Without prior knowledge of Windows registry only one inaccurate action could result in a total system failure. Thus we recommend using a professional and powerful antimalware tool. SpyHunter is our first choice, due to its efficiency in the area.

How to remove EasyToShop

Windows 8

  1. Navigate mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings on Charm bar and go to Control Panel.
  3. Select Uninstall a program and remove EasyToShop.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Windows Start menu and select Control panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program and remove EasyToShop

Windows XP

  1. Click Windows Start menu button and select Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and remove EasyToShop
Download Remover for EasyToShop *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

EasyToShop technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1FjM.dll427520 bytesMD5: c852f3b8f99fa0f1ace6e52b6015fdd7
2_vSLt4NlUc.dll423936 bytesMD5: b8cc84f94efd33c39356c115e5b7df23
3sik5Glbh.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: aa414f8d09260fae6ae79698241e2e46
4g4peUmrNWv.dll424448 bytesMD5: e2a234e8ec3c8b3ce552507e9601fb01
5WUWEka4GK.x64.dll470016 bytesMD5: aaa5b10dcfab791d652450940a6f9f08
6W.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: eb4baed4f3c78fbc718dc2cce7571061
7ZPDf6capd7.x64.dll476160 bytesMD5: 50df46092527592fc36759d053fd6139
88vr.x64.dll473600 bytesMD5: d8d46857ea664c242227cac313e19e69
9ZY2Hs.dll427520 bytesMD5: a0b262ee50bc25a4413d8c9811be4c60
10XFK.dll426496 bytesMD5: b63f99b140d2539f6aa44442e6fe7d7c
11ERA4ft.x64.dll475136 bytesMD5: cfff959a67eaa47c0fbe4ea27fd0dc30
12tbVGoLa.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: 73d567d84936ebee6c304ce97d320456
13l4bQ.dll426496 bytesMD5: 9b081a7364484437d3f0708b5bcd2f24
145FSduQZKNj.x64.dll476160 bytesMD5: 53beb55c880edf46a7528e9a7b4a6a5b
15N41d6.x64.dll473088 bytesMD5: b0930642360bcc5aebff0e8b5423b3e3
16YNfJK3A48O.x64.dll476160 bytesMD5: 64bfc841ab9ed259358a64c688ab8734
17Uoo69yBQzC.dll424960 bytesMD5: 6abbc3f17903d01cf9f395249da5d615
18p2DC5Ebj.dll424960 bytesMD5: f34f1227e9500eec3ed75a274e9000f0
19a0LOMwsn1Q.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: e03e671299098acb374198e74eb261fe
200EQEa1Ie4y.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 59d1cdf9a319cbddefdcf641a352ef4f
21olD.dll423936 bytesMD5: 814ad20d187a72f6615e5ad8ea885db3
22fUsCvZ.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: 82a802afd61802aec18dfcc8cf96eb06
231EHaykBj.dll425472 bytesMD5: 65c90a253d03042174ef915cb0815691
24S7frz3hu.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: 65178cb90406df5e192f77e58437e5a0
25KubhRB8b.x64.dll475136 bytesMD5: 0eac11725697111a6711a8b328249ce9
26pRf7wy44.dll424448 bytesMD5: 22969555191120e921d1eb6306a335e0
27Eyrx.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 9eb176e67863268ae3346429784e3179
28t_.dll426496 bytesMD5: ecde0f931bcc3087772a20e8a90bb46a
290uySup.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 58392e1d6e87aebf60dcc5a9a0633ef9
30XPct.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 9cff05b701681988aea9d2e04671b19a
31AfgYDdp.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: acc041b94769a1bbc17a780086190c35
32wKvhW6g3.dll425984 bytesMD5: c683eb6a18b11dc65e28db79a8583818
33xwPAOVd.x64.dll472064 bytesMD5: 683656c17383212c544d31b5e2bb3ff1
34agcfCzl_.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: e00053a00b5d937b26153de1566f260a
35KKkR.dll425984 bytesMD5: 6ff406bb4266862c58556471012ee348
36RNmXplS_.dll429056 bytesMD5: 89a15d6a1210b2bfb5d7d214362d33c0
37kZRang.x64.dll472064 bytesMD5: a995e8b1ad4346c489db554375cee863
38Mdhy.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: 2a8100d4bd8c6210a804b9d38c8ecda4
397.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: 8001bba87cd3c691d4fea90b1741accd
40jDBxAYJucn.x64.dll478208 bytesMD5: fac8c04222f9537313c20fa553949dab
412Wr8.dll426496 bytesMD5: 25b2754aad07c8b22e7ad65061aa6782
42EZtX6p1.x64.dll476672 bytesMD5: 0ff9754bf82833ef8a454542f2afe4a7
432XWme5e7F.x64.dll472064 bytesMD5: ce6857c36339044f17c85780d6ffa7ba
44YDOZ3B2.x64.dll471040 bytesMD5: 89f71fc1871556bd7c9c2dd4db42d495
45WBZu3aij.dll425984 bytesMD5: b8b68ee6ad3b7ac294090557632c7368
469lVkTiv.dll425984 bytesMD5: 531eae2ef05c275deb276a080ecccb90
47HMOppK.dll425984 bytesMD5: 95f97a58a7a0149f9d9d4bb524405148
48r42GUfQLm.dll424960 bytesMD5: 327d71ff6f0fa253bb0feb8521e0a62f
4960.dll424960 bytesMD5: 1b4c2091911a19e8b3d07b0246055d91
50PO.x64.dll473088 bytesMD5: 425966724ffa14e1303c533aec9f01ad
51Gy.x64.dll473600 bytesMD5: 0d17860c8e0f5a10631e0110cc715fd0
52l.x64.dll473088 bytesMD5: 4bc875df71464f1806a2763a8b0c3925
53RUjLjwCVg.dll425472 bytesMD5: 5130a1e328dfc0907d19280cbd7893b0
54bzLfObnTs.dll424448 bytesMD5: e2b41489db2729fe47962f472697f3bd
55k.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: 943d39d6ab42f951c5f627bb77ade2b6
56lNntUftbwt.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 475b78ed3ef3b46d0ebc3af1b9f9b4b9
57GM_9j6cvH.dll425984 bytesMD5: 32edb1cc5e007ba488a412945871fdbb
58bzqfUY.dll425984 bytesMD5: 722c35234563caebfd886c6cd361c4e9
59JwPo0wP1.dll428544 bytesMD5: 0dca73035d1a9231b0ca6612c7a1b274
60KXeqFi9D.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 79e87778f0cc9c60f8f659103593b4b9
61dP.dll425984 bytesMD5: 98a372c78f3e005e43891ee9f3d4078b
627jTyIq6.x64.dll472576 bytesMD5: 463922e0e8a29c98addffdda466b2b1b
63jEKD7qH_xP.dll426496 bytesMD5: 52262f75ecdf42ead15f3031ce5713af
64S9vlUv.x64.dll476160 bytesMD5: 79fec234db602c68fc6b1abc19ec8a92
65fkz3ayK.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: a8e1c82eb9c00243c953ba7184877632
66DOUHiTR62.x64.dll475136 bytesMD5: ab1eb63ff3cb08f3975adb436edce84f
67r2wOVz.x64.dll473600 bytesMD5: 6102dc7f7a1c733503761693567da74e
68cJ.x64.dll471552 bytesMD5: 02d69174cbca0a7d3cfa2fa07e9828bc
69t.x64.dll471552 bytesMD5: e33ad856f9a8cf55014a94acdd75cd02
70fEazEEzsIF.dll424448 bytesMD5: 915bc936b91ec18e7ac2da539845badc
71ODX.x64.dll472064 bytesMD5: 883137c871e37cd045ab903137e0e3df
72tSx9M7E.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: 7dff065976a3732fd66ee2f4a3b4f817
73k67.dll429056 bytesMD5: 42b002deea949a6623bb19487d60d511
74wNuN.x64.dll472064 bytesMD5: 86d466462f9f59a2d2b435a713761472
752yR6.x64.dll476160 bytesMD5: 22051c9759fb01e6b377a2073ac11041
76K2JRu.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 1f54997b0ecab76be0cc8beab68a7cc9
77V.x64.dll473600 bytesMD5: e545640970b99c4673e23b0f8f2af82d
78hgXzHte29K.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 281c4bc97ff73321f70bafc9db1f7c94
79UED7iK9a.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: 8e3d0e5fe1dea744069d7d72e6514b82
80if1hrhzLgn.x64.dll475136 bytesMD5: 2841269db450f520139da7828d5f5c4f
81g9X_UsEfBm.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: faf30545f45605e7dace31427c24317e
82qSxtS2f.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: d0e1fd706c08b66e7586277afaabdc56
83_.x64.dll473088 bytesMD5: dac6c3f925000d1d002e41df79cb0372
84ujZGPzgjVK.x64.dll477184 bytesMD5: e54268d346c2454179ff3432fe836677
85JQmB8N.x64.dll472576 bytesMD5: 2784501eddb1b8ff60c047e5b97f6b34
86N_KdB1.dll424960 bytesMD5: d744a0b1fc4916da6c65feddec1e85c2
87UYX5qSiU.x64.dll478720 bytesMD5: 8911ecb5a8816b590c06f0ebc3012a60
88CgfhPzHbA.x64.dll474112 bytesMD5: bfc49e74e1df9ddc26208fc6672347cc
89LNIKrLQ.dll426496 bytesMD5: ecc6c5a51a0f296c97c1e22ca5d54a38
90UdW1Plqvdh.x64.dll473600 bytesMD5: 08fd9964a12bc2ce4fc30749a7180dea
916zcZM.x64.dll473600 bytesMD5: 4db12ec49dc598eb1814f570ebc05cdd
929gYa8V3E.dll423424 bytesMD5: afb8ff4c2caf0faa084c22d42c3cb9c5
93rp3FxP6Y.x64.dll473088 bytesMD5: 1c71b351f4da028bfe3d0adce41cffad
94oDa9XN.x64.dll472064 bytesMD5: 318272638e54aba77872d43fce49924e
95SCZEvEY5Y.x64.dll475648 bytesMD5: 666d9f151df829d75034e5e24cee8cad
96AnY2Us.x64.dll474624 bytesMD5: 81db4b77afc6b0577ee1b86cf02a797b
97GdAyyLVS.dll423936 bytesMD5: 1551fe76574b4f1b496c1885cf569c81
98dO7.x64.dll471552 bytesMD5: 20e0beb5309ca574bdbe112e5db98242
99BtCyg1h.dll426496 bytesMD5: 3ea7c1c7d7beae8f4159e8e4a9e59e87
100Cphs.dll428032 bytesMD5: 819528dc14a8c88fe5f44443de39c13d


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