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Poweliks is a clandestine Trojan that does not need permission to enter your operating system. If authentic malware detection and removal tools are not installed to protect you and your virtual security, the devious infection will be infiltrated without any of your notice. According to our malware researchers, the Trojan is usually spread using spam emails with corrupted attachments. If you receive a suspicious email by an unfamiliar sender, you should remove it without opening it. You certainly should not click the provided links or download the attached files. This is all that cyber criminals need to execute the devious threat. If it has been infiltrated already, there is nothing else you should do but delete Poweliks.

Also known as Win32/Poweliks.A or Trojan.Poweliks, the malicious threat will enter your operating system silently using corrupted spam email attachments, the Microsoft Office exploit (CVE-2012-0158), software bundles, or various other security backdoors. If automatic malware removal software is not set up to delete attacking infections, the threat will infects the Windows Registry. As our malware researchers have found out, the infection is controlled from HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run; however, Poweliks cannot be removed using the Registry Editor. It appears that the Trojan protects its startup keys from removal by hiding the values which is done by embedding the nulls. This is why our malware analysts warn that users should not rush with the manual Poweliks removal. This process is more complicated than you think.

If Poweliks is executed successfully, the infection will try to download and execute different files. Do you understand what this means? This means that much more dangerous infections will be installed by the clandestine Trojan. While Poweliks is only set up to download files and recover the startup values of existing threats, other infections could record private information, hijack personal accounts, install fake malware removal software, introduce you to misleading advertisements, and permanently damage personal files. Unfortunately, most computer users will realize that they need to delete Poweliks only after their operating systems get corrupted by other, more noticeable threats.

You cannot just uninstall Poweliks from the computer, because it is not a harmless application. This Trojan is intricate, and its components are protected against removal. Unless, you are an expert at manual malware removal, it is unlikely that you will be able to locate and remove Poweliks, not to mention all other threats that require removal as well. What you must do is install automatic malware removal software. Choose legitimate, authentic, and up-to-date software (e.g., SpyHunter) to delete Poweliks and other malicious programs from the Windows operating system. Keep in mind that the removal of active threats must be performed right away, because it is only a matter of time before you virtual security is jeopardized.

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