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Central Security Service Virus is a malicious ransomware infection. If it has corrupted your operating system already there is no doubt that now your desktop is locked and the only thing that you can see when you turn on the computer is an intimidating notification which appears to have been sent to you by the U.S. officials. We can guarantee that Police, cyber security departments and other organizations would not lock down your computer and ask you to pay money in return of restored system functionality. Do you know what this means? This means that your personal computer has been corrupted by cyber criminals. Without a doubt you do not want schemers manipulating your PC, and so Central Security Service Virus removal should be performed as soon as possible.

It may appear to you that it is extremely difficult to delete Central Security Service Virus from the PC. The infection is actually a knavish Trojan which is powered through tens of clandestine components which are responsible for all of the malicious processes. Some of these files can remove your access to the Task Manager so that you could not kill the malicious processes and begin the necessary ransomware removal procedures. Furthermore, some files are likely to have rootkit capabilities, which may aggravate the detection and removal of the entire infection. Overall, the removal of the threat may seem impossible mostly due to the existence of this screen-locking warning:

All activities of this computer has been recorded. All your files are encrypted. Don’t try to unlock your computer!

The purpose of this notification is to convince that you cannot disable the lock-down yourself, and this is meant to trick you into thinking that you have to follow all of the presented instructions. You should be particularly suspicious about the represented accusations if you have nothing to do with such activity. Downloading pirated files, distributing spam or pornographic content is punishable by law; however, paying 300 USD would not cut it. Are you familiar with National Security Agency Virus, All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus, and similar computer infections? These are the threats which may be used to trick money out of you as well, so you should remove them if found on the PC as well.

Manual Central Security Service Virus removal is no joke and only highly experienced Windows users will be able to succeed with this task. Even though we do not want to discourage you from taking action yourself, you have to be aware that locating Trojan files is extremely difficult, and any mistake made could jeopardize the system further. Therefore, we recommend that you delete the infection with the assistance of authentic malware detection/removal software. Follow the guides below and all devious threats will be deleted in no time.

Central Security Service Virus Removal

Remove from Windows 8:

  1. Access the Metro UI start screen and open the Charm Bar.
  2. Select Settings, click Change PC Settings and then General.
  3. Locate the Advanced Startup section and click Restart now.
  4. From the appeared menu select Troubleshoot and click Advanced options.
  5. Now click Startup Settings and hit the displayed Restart button.
  6. As a new menu shows up tap F5 to reboot into Safe Mode with Networking.
  7. Launch a browser and visit http://www.411-spyware.com/spyhunter .
  8. Click the download button and install a reliable malware removal tool.
  9. Perform a full system can and delete existing PC threats.

Remove from Windows Vista/Windows 7:

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Wait for BIOS screen to disappear.
  3. Right away start tapping F8 until a menu shows up.
  4. Using arrow keys select Safe Mode with Networking and tap the Enter key.
  5. Launch a browser and visit http://www.411-spyware.com/download-sph .
  6. Install the program onto the computer, perform a scan and delete found malware.

Remove from Windows XP:

  1. Restart the PC and start tapping F8 right after the BIOS screen disappears.
  2. Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking. Tap Enter.
  3. If you are presented with the Desktop alert – click Yes.
  4. As the PC reboots, launch a browser and go to http://www.411-spyware.com/download-sph .
  5. Download an authentic malware removal tool onto the computer.
  6. Open the Start menu and launch RUN
  7. Type in msconfig and hit OK to access the System Configurations Utility.
  8. Click the Startup tab, then select Disable All and hit OK.
  9. Restart the PC and install the downloaded malware remover.
Download Remover for Central Security Service Virus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Central Security Service Virus Screenshots:

Central Security Service Virus


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