SpyHunter Installer Alternate Link

Some types of malware block you from installing computer security programs, because they need to remain in your computer for as long as possible in order to achieve their goals.

Installing SpyHunter Offline

You can open the Alternate SpyHunter Installer link bellow this paragraph with a computer that is not infected. You have to resort to such method when the malware infecting your computer prevents you from downloading and installing SpyHunter. Once you download the installation file for SpyHunter, copy it into a blank CD, a USB flash drive or other data storage device. Then plug or insert the device into the infected computer and install SpyHunter. The Alternate Installer link also shows the "Open With" dialog box, once you try to download and run SpyHunter, asking whether you want to run or save the file. When you get asked for it click "Save" to download the SpyHunter installer file.

Alternate SpyHunter Installer Link