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Worm.Bondat is a reproducing infection which is known to reach target computers through such external storage devices as USB flash drives. It is important that you remove this worm from your computer as soon as possible, because the longer you delay, the higher is the possibility that it will download additional malicious content onto your machine, and thus allow hackers to take full control of your system. Worm.Bondat is extremely dangerous so do not waste time and find the most effective weapon to delete this threat from your computer.

Worm.Bondat is an executable Javascript (.js) file which spreads by creating copies of itself in removable USB flash drives. That is, when the worm detects a removable USB device plugged into an infected computer, it searches for .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .mp3, .ogg, and other well-known file extensions. Then, it makes copies of these files and switches their extension to .lnk. The aim is to disseminate the infection so that you would accidentally click on and activate one of the infected .lnk files. If you do that, you will be transferred to an infected Javascript file that will activate Worm.Bondat.

You should remove Worm.Bondat from your system because the moment it gets there, it deletes the following files from the Startup directory: .exe (binary files), .js (JavaScript), .jse (Jscript, maintained by Microsoft), vbs (VBScript - Visual Basic Scripting Edition), vbe (VBScript Encoded Script File). After that, the worm terminates various processes and shows a fake warming message stating that “application has generated an exception that could not be handled.” This warning is one of the signs indicating that Worm.Bondat has infected your computer, and thus you need to look for the best tools in order to neutralize this threat.

This infection is also known to terminate some antivirus programs; that is why you need only the most reliable antimalware tool to remove Worm.Bondat. This infection is also known to collect such information from your computer as user name, computer name, system information, and a list of processes being active. This stolen data is sent to one or more remote servers; therefore, as you see, Worm.Bondat also violates your privacy by surreptitiously connecting to the Internet and transferring the collected data to malicious third-parties.

The surest way to delete Worm.Bondat is to equip your computer with legitimate antimalware software immediately. You will not be able to remove this infection manually as this task requires expert computer skills. Thus, an automatic antimalware tool is the only solution which will terminate not only Worm.Bondat, but also all the malware that this infection might have deployed onto your machine.

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