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You might think that Windows Advanced User Patch, clone of Windows Internet Booster, is a real, Windows security guarding application, which can remove serious system risks, but you are very wrong! This antispyware tool could not be more fake, since it does not have any competence to delete malware or shield your system, like real security software could. Windows Advanced User Patch can resemble an application, which does have such abilities, because of a professionally designed interface and its seemingly helpful controls. So, if you take into account that this security tool is so cunning and can be used to profit from you unlawfully, you will understand why you have to remove Windows Advanced User Patch from your computer, without contemplating the matter any further.

The most important instrument in Windows Advanced User Patch’s scheme is its ability to release a tray of various, fake security notifications. Some of them might appear in Windows Advanced User Patch’s interface, but some as regular pop-ups from your Task Bar, which are widely used by Windows security tools, to send you information. Fictitious warnings may also come in additional windows, but what matters is not the form of such misleading alerts, but its intimidating content. So, if you do not want to be fooled by schemers, ignore Windows Advanced User Patch recommendations to remove malware, purchase full-version license or be aware of various Windows infections. In reality, your system is not infected with malware, which you would need to delete from your computer, and the only duty you should be worried with is how to remove Windows Advanced User Patch from your computer.

Some Windows users, who have extensive experience dealing with malware, can delete Windows Advanced User Patch manually, but the rest should stick to using genuine software, which will have the right attributes to remove all Windows Advanced User Patch’s files, protecting your system even beyond this action. Also, note that if you have purchased the fake Windows Advanced User Patch’s license, you will still need to remove this malignant program from your PC.


Windows Internet Booster is not the only predecessor or Windows Advanced User Patch. Windows Crucial Scanner and Windows Foolproof Protector could also be named among other forerunners. In fact, the list of the rogues from this Rogue.VirusDoctor family is so long it would take up half of this description just to innumerate them all. It shows how resilient to removal this family is, and just how dangerous Windows Advanced User Patch might be.

Take, for example, the fact that in order to remain in your system no matter what Windows Advanced User Patch meddles with your Internet browser. Whenever you try to load the Internet, the rogue pops up a table that says Firewall has blocked the program from accessing the Internet, because your browser is suspected to have infected your PC. Come again?

The claim is absolutely absurd, but that does not stop Windows Advanced User Patch from denying access to your browser and a few other programs, including Registry Editor and Task Manager. On the outside it does seem like the rogue is trying to protect you, but in reality it only knowingly disables tools that might aid you in removing it.

Attempt to modify Registry key entries detected.
Registry entry analysis recommended.

There's a suspicious software running on your PC. For more details, run a system file check.

Warning! Spambot detected!
Attention! A spambot sending viruses from your e-mail has been detected on your PC.

If you want these and many other fake security notifications to be gone forever you need to remove Windows Advanced User Patch. Make this process a lot easier for you by "activating" the rogue with the following key:


It DOES NOT remove Windows Advanced User Patch but smothers the program and gives all of your tools and programs back. This is only the calm before the storm though, so before the tornado whirls back in, get yourself a good antimalware tool and erase Windows Advanced User Patch without a trace. Or, if you are a computer expert and prefer the manual removal, refer to the list below this description and delete all the files and processes associated with Windows Advanced User Patch.

Download Remover for Windows Advanced User Patch *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Windows Advanced User Patch
Windows Advanced User Patch
Windows Advanced User Patch


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