Win 8 Protection 2014 Removal Guide

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Win 8 Protection 2014 is an application that might seem as a legitimate antispyware application due to its clever design. Ironically, the application that should help your PC will cause it a lot of trouble. If found (present) on your operating system, Win 8 Protection 2014 should be removed without hesitation. It has been reveled that this rogue antispyware application is compatible with Windows 7/Vista, Windows 8, and Windows XP. Thus, it is quite natural that names of this malicious application can vary; you could come across names such as Win 7 Antivirus 2014, XP Antivirus 2014, Vista Protection 2014, etc. Do not hesitate and use our removal guide of Win 8 Protection 2014 to delete this malicious program ASAP.

In most cases Win 8 Protection 2014 and other rogue antispyware applications gain access to your system silently. It often comes from various suspicious websites. Avoid visiting any website that is related to online piracy and do not download anything from dubious third-party download websites. Most importantly, you should install a professional antimalware system in order to safeguard your system against any malicious program. Safe browsing habits and a licensed malware detection and removal tool will significantly reduce the risk of infecting your PC.

As soon as Win 8 Protection 2014 enters your system, it will start a fake scan of your system. The result provided after the scan are bogus and you should not trust them. They are just a scare tactic in order to get unsuspecting users to pay for a worthless removal process. The only removal process that you should execute is the one of Win 8 Protection 2014.

Furthermore, Win 8 Protection 2014 will block quite a few .exe files. You will not be able to use any web browser, video player, instant messaging program, Task Manager, or Registry Editor. The only way to regain full use of your PC is to remove Win 8 Protection 2014. If you try to open any of the mentioned applications you will be urged to clean the system of the alleged virtual threats. Do not pay for these hoax removal processes as you might not only lose your money but might also provide cybercriminals with your sensitive data. Removal of Win 8 Protection 2014 is essential if virtual security is important to you.

The removal process is not that complicated, by carefully following the instructions you should be able to remove Win 8 Protection 2014 in no time. We advise you to install a licensed antimalware tool that will provide overall security of your operating system; thus, reducing the risk of getting your PC infected in a future.

How to remove Win 8 Protection 2014

  1. Access the Metro UI menu.
  2. Now open the Charm bar and select Settings.
  3. Now move to Change PC settings.
  4. Click General and go to Advanced Startup.
  5. Click Restart Now.
  6. Select Troubleshoot and move to Advanced Options.
  7. Select Startup Settings, now click Restart and chose F5.
  8. After reboot go to
  9. Download and install an antimalware tool.
  10. Run a system scan.
  11. After its finished click Fix Threats to remove Win 8 Protection 2014.
Download Remover for Win 8 Protection 2014 *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Win 8 Protection 2014 Screenshots:

Win 8 Protection 2014
Win 8 Protection 2014
Win 8 Protection 2014


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