Waffle Ransomware Removal Guide

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Waffle Ransomware is a malicious program that changes enciphered files’ extensions with its own extension titled .waffle, e.g., wallpaper.waffle, text.waffle, and so on. Then the malware should open a window with a text saying the victim must pay a ransom in 24 hours or else he will lose the chance to recover his data. If you are considering such an option, we encourage you to read our report and only then make your decision since we do not think one can trust the cyber criminals behind Waffle Ransomware. Moreover, at the end of the report users will find our recommended deletion steps that can help them remove the threat manually. Of course, if you do not think you can handle such a task, it might be better to use a reliable security tool. In any case, users who need more assistance or have questions related to the infection can also leave a comment below the text.

Our specialists did not notice the malicious program creating any new files after opening its installer or later on. It means Waffle Ransomware runs from the directory its launcher was opened until this file’s process is ended through Task Manager or the computer gets turned off. Therefore, the threat cannot relaunch itself with the operating system, and so there should be no worries it may encipher new data unless its launcher is repeatedly opened. If you have no idea what file it could be you should try to remember the last suspicious file opened before the system got infected. It could have been a malicious software installer or an attachment received with Spam emails. Consequently, to avoid malicious programs alike the next time, it would be advisable to be more careful with the data obtained from doubtful sources. For extra protection, you could install a legitimate antimalware tool too if you do not have it yet.

The good news is Waffle Ransomware does not lock program data or all of the user’s private files. Apparently, the malware’s creators chose to encipher only data located in %USERPROFILE% subfolders called Desktop, Documents, My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos. Then it should display a window with the picture of a plate full of waffles and a text written in red font. The text starts with “Hello you have been infected by Waffle Ransomware. This is not a joke if you shut off your PC your files will be deleted.” Our specialists tested this and discovered it is not true because none of the encrypted files got erased. Besides these threats, the malicious program’s creators wrote instructions on how to decipher affected data. In short, they state the only way is to obtain decryption tool by paying a ransom.

What’s more, the threat’s developers claim they will send the decryption key as soon as you pay the ransom, but we do not see how they could keep up to such a promise when they do not know your email address and do not leave theirs for you to contact them either. What we are trying to say is that the chances are you might get scammed and if you do not wish to lose 50 US dollars in vain, you should just ignore the ransom note and think about the malware’s removal.

It can be eliminated either manually or with the help of an antimalware tool. If you pick the first option, we can offer our recommended deletion steps located a bit below this paragraph, and if you go with the second option, we advise picking a trustworthy security tool that could both erase Waffle Ransomware and protect you from future threats.

Get rid of Waffle Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Look for a process titled Waffle on the Processes tab.
  3. Right-click the process called Waffle and choose Open file location.
  4. Go to the Task Manager again, but do not close the File Explorer window that was just opened.
  5. This time click the malware’s process (Waffle) and press End Task to kill it.
  6. Close Task Manager.
  7. Go to the opened File Explorer’s window.
  8. Find the malicious program’s launcher.
  9. Right-click it and select Delete.
  10. Leave the File Explorer.
  11. Empty your Recycle bin.
  12. Reboot the device.
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Waffle Ransomware

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