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You do not want to find W97M/Bartallex on your operating system, because this is the infection that could open up security backdoors for other threats. Unfortunately, most computer users who discover that they need to delete W97M/Bartallex also find that they need to delete other programs, including TrojanDownloader:Win32/Chanitor.A, Backdoor:Win32/Vawtrak.F, and malware from the Ursnif family. If you do not remove W97M/Bartallex-related infections, they could download malware, steal sensitive data, hijack personal accounts, attach your operating system to a bot, and perform other malicious activity. Needless to say, the removal of these threats is extremely important, and you should not run your computer until you delete every single infection.

According to our virtual security researchers, W97M/Bartallex is a Trojan dropped that some computer users might remove as TrojanDownloader:W97M/Bartallex.A. Needless to say, the main goal for this threat is to download malware; unfortunately, this can be done without your notice, which only aggravates the removal later on. In has been discovered that the devious threat can be distributed using camouflages. In most cases, Windows users encounter it after opening corrupted spam email attachments and enabling malicious macro, which is a function in Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, the emails carrying the corrupted files are misleading and might appear to have been sent by the Federal Tax Payment System or the USPS Delivery Service. Unfortunately, many computer users trust these emails without realizing that they might have to delete W97M/Bartallex afterward.

If you open a .doc file (e.g., legal_complaint.doc or logmein_coupon.doc) associated with the devious W97M/Bartallex, you will encounter encrypted text with a notification suggesting that the document has incorrect encoding and, therefore, requires enabling macro. Here is the notification.

Microsoft Visual Basic
The macros in this project are disabled. Please refer to the online help or the documentation of the host application to determine how to enable macros.

When you interact with the message by clicking OK or Help buttons, W97M/Bartallex runs a malicious macro script to download malicious programs onto your operating system. Computer users who execute the infection often find winlogin.exe, adobeacd-update.vbs, adobeacd-update.ps1, adobeacd-update.bat, ___47D8.exe, 4444.exe, and similar malicious files that must be deleted. Most computer users have trouble finding and removing W97M/Bartallex files. Unfortunately, the removal of the files that belong to the infections downloaded by W97M/Bartallex is even more complicated and time-consuming. However, if you do not delete these infections, you will not be safe, which is why the removal if mandatory.

W97M/Bartallex is a threat that uses malicious macro script to run and download malicious software. The threat uses social engineering scams to manipulate you into executing files that send you the misleading message to enable malicious macro. Unfortunately, if the scam is successful, W97M/Bartallex downloads more malicious programs. If you cannot remove W97M/Bartallex and the infections downloaded by this threat manually, there is only one thing you can do, and that is to install automatic malware removal software. Do not be scared to make an investment, because reliable security software will delete all malicious programs and will reinstate full-time protection. If you don’t have protection, you might find infections that require removal attacking your PC again and again.

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