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TROLL Ransomware belongs to Maoloa Ransomware family as its working manner is similar to other threats that belong to it as well. It encrypts private user’s data and shows a ransom note asking to pay for its decryption. The message does not explain how to make a payment as the cybercriminals want users to contact them via email first. Apparently, they will then pick the price. Whatever the sum could be, we do not recommend putting up with any demands if you are not prepared to risk losing your money in vain. There is always a chance you could get tricked. If you do not want to risk it, we recommend erasing TROLL Ransomware and restoring files from backup provided you have it. To learn how to remove the malware manually, you should read the instructions located below this article. As for learning other details about the threat, we invite you to read the rest of this report.

The malicious application could enter the system by exploiting unsecured RDP connections, or it could enter it after a victim gets tricked into launching its installer. Thus, to protect your device from threats like TROLL Ransomware, it is crucial to be both extra cautious while surfing the Internet, and to make sure your computer has no weaknesses. Being careful while browsing means you do not download installers, updates, or other files from untrustworthy file-sharing web pages. Plus, it is always risky to launch email attachments if they come from unknown senders. It is safer to scan questionable email attachments or other data from the Internet with a reliable security tool first. As for eliminating vulnerabilities, you should change weak passwords and update outdated software.

After entering the system, TROLL Ransomware should start encrypting files located on it. Data that gets infected should have a second extension called .TROLL, e.g., document.docx.TROLL. The only files that ought to be left untouched should be the ones belonging to a computer’s operating system and programs installed on it. The next TROLL Ransomware’s step is to create ransom notes that ought to appear on each directory containing enciphered data. They should be named HOW TO BACK YOUR FILES.txt and if you open them, you ought to see a message saying “YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!! TO DECRYPT, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.” The mentioned instructions only explain how to contact the malware developers as they will set the price for their decryption tools only then. Also, cybercriminals claim they can decrypt some data free of charge, but only if it is not important.

Keep in mind that even if the malicious application’s developers seem to be friendly, it does not mean they will keep up with their promises. It is possible they could forget all about a victim once they receive a ransom. Thus, if you do not want to risk getting scammed, we advise not to put up with any demands and to eliminate TROLL Ransomware. To erase it manually follow the instructions located below and if you prefer using automatic features, you should install a reliable security tool and scan your computer with it.

Get rid of TROLL Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Pick Task Manager.
  3. Select the Processes tab.
  4. Look for a process associated with the malware.
  5. Select the process and click End Task.
  6. Leave Task Manager.
  7. Tap Win+E.
  8. Go to these locations:
  9. Find the malicious file opened before the system got infected, right-click it, and select Delete.
  10. Locate files named HOW TO BACK YOUR FILES.txt, right-click them, and select Delete.
  11. Close File Explorer.
  12. Empty Recycle Bin.
  13. Restart the computer.
Download Remover for TROLL Ransomware *
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TROLL Ransomware


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