Trojan.PSW.Agent Removal Guide

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Trojan.PSW.Agent is a malicious computer program that might enter your system together with some other application. It is quite common for the Trojans to arrive at the target system bundled together with various shareware programs. Sometimes things like Trojan.PSW.Agent are paired with actually useful programs, so you do not realize that you have downloaded an evil application when it is too late. Also, you should not dismiss the possibility that Trojan.PSW.Agent might be distributed via infected USB flash drives. Therefore, you have to be careful about what you plug into your USB port.

This Trojans is classified as a data theft Trojan, which can be obvious from the letters PSW in its name, which stand for “password” (i.e. password stealer). Trojan.PSW.Agent can easily gather your personal data by the means of keylogging. It scans your system for stored passwords, records them, and then connects to a remote server without your knowledge and sends the collected data away to the hacker that is responsible for the infection in the first place.

Most of the time, Trojan.PSW.Agent enters your system to steal credit card number, login credentials (for Internet banking, for example) or tax returns. Apart from stealing your data Trojan.PSW.Agent also slows down your computer and your Internet connection. It can be accredited to the fact that there’s 5Sy.exe process file in the whole Trojan.PSW.Agent’s package. This process file that runs in the Windows Task Manager is classified as worm, and worms are known to clog the bandwidth.

What is more, you can also use Windows Task Manager in order to find out whether you are infected with Trojan.PSW.Agent or not. Since the Trojan does not have an interface you cannot be instantly aware for the infection as with, say, rogue antispyware. Nevertheless, there are certain process files that indicate the Trojan.PSW.Agent’s infection, and if you see them running in the Task Manager that is the sign that you need to take care of your system. Beware of svvosts.exe, nmhxy.exe and 5[1].exe, as well as the aforementioned 5Sy.exe.

If you see these processes in the Task Manager and your computer has been acting weird for awhile, get yourself a powerful computer safeguard application and remove Trojan.PSW.Agent from your computer immediately. Automatic removal is a lot more efficient, before manual Trojan.PSW.Agent’s removal requires some computer knowledge that you must probably are not in possession of.

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