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Kronos is an extremely dangerous infection that can inflict a lot of damage, and, if you want to protection your money, you shouldremove this infection as soon as you can. Kronos is a Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) Trojan horse that steals credential banking information. Kronos uses the HTML injection technique which work on three most commonly used Internet browsers which are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

When the computer is infected with a program using the MitB technique, the user is provided with an injected page that looks identical to the original one. In this way, the remote attackers get a chance to obtain sensitive information, including usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Depending on the attackers, some additional fields requiring that the user provide additional personal information are inserted.

Kronos uses a Ring3 rootkit which protects the Trojan from other Trojans. The use of the rootkit allows attackers to hide the files and registry entries of the infection. Moreover, it may be difficult to notice the processes of the Trojan because it used the C&C encryption and is said to be capable of bypassing antivirus detection and sandboxes. The most appealing feature of the Kronos Trojan is believed to the bug fixes and technical support. All these features are available for $7,000 on several Russian forums, and these features are thought to be very attractive to cyber gangs seeking to gain as much money from unsuspecting computer users as possible. The purchase has to be made using Perfect Money, Bitcoins, or WMZ. Additionally, the creators of the Trojan offer a 7 days’ trial period for $1,000.

An analysis of Kronos has showed that the Trojan is compatible with another infamous Trojan horse called Zues. The Kronos Trojan appears is reported to be based on the source code of Carberp, which is known to have been sold in the past at a premium price.

The capabilities or the Trojan are not unique but the infection is categorized as a more expensive piece of malware.

At the moment of writing, we have a French variant of Kronos, and it is possible that some other similar threats will be launched in other counters in the near future.

The removal of the Kronos Trojan is a must if you want to use your banking account safely. There are many ways for malware to get on your computer, and you should keep the computer protected to prevent sad consequences. We recommend using SpyHunter because this anti-malware program can eliminate the Kronos and fight off multiple other threats, including browser hijackers, adware, fake security programs, etc.

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