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There are a lot of types of malware that enter your computer in order to open a backdoor or allow other computer threats to slither into your system unawares. Trojan.Katusha is one of those parasites. It should be noted that sometimes a completely safe file might be detected as Trojan.Katusha, but in that case you just have to update your antivirus program, and run the scan again. If the detection has been false, there should be no more problem regarding Trojan.Katusha. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the REAL Trojan.Katusha is not dangerous anymore. So, depending on whether the Trojan.Katusha that you detect is real or not, there are two ways to deal with this infection.

So what should you do, when the infection is real? Notably, most of the Trojan.Katusha detections have been false as of late, but that does not mean that you cannot get infected by the real thing as well. If you get infected with the real Trojan, then you are exposed to other infections as well, because Trojan.Katusha is associated with such rogue antispyware software as Ultimate Antivirus 2008, System Antivirus, Vista Antivirus 2008 and others.

Usually, Trojan.Katusha is distributed as a fake online video codec. When you encounter a video you cannot watch online, you are prompted to download a “codec” that happens to be the malware. Also, Trojan.Katusha might be distributed as a part of rogue antispyware program, by fake online malware scanners. For example, a lot of users got infected by the Trojan after having clicked "OK" on this pop-up message:

Message from webpage
Warning!!! Your computer contains various signs of viruses and malware programs presence. Your system requires immediate anti viruses check!System Security will perform a quick and free scanning of your PC for viruses and malicious programs.

Or this:

Message from webpage
Your computer remains infected by viruses! They can cause data loss and file damages and need to be cured as soon as possible. Return to System Security and download it secure to your PC.

Once Trojan.Katusha is installed in your computer, it connects to remote servers to download other arbitrary files (such as rogue antispyware). There are many servers that the Trojan can connect to including:,,, and and many others. Apart from rogue antispyware, Trojan.Katusha can also download adware that might spam you with commercial advertisements and it can also acquire components which would allow the Trojan to forcefully redirect your browsing to malware-related websites.

Obviously, Trojan.Katusha is an all-rounder and dangerous parasites that you cannot ignore. Invest in a powerful computer safeguard application that will remove Trojan.Katusha automatically, and you will save yourself the trouble of deleting the Trojan-related files one by one. When you are done with the removal, perform the full system scan once again to make sure that not a single Trojan component is left.

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