Trojan.Alureon.A Removal Guide

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Trojan.Alureon.A is a computer threat that belongs to a family of Trojans called Alureon. Other parasites from the same family that you might be familiar with include Trojan.Alureon and Trojan.Alureon.D. Trojan.Alurean.A is a specific Trojan that infects the MBR of Master Boot Record. Master Boot Record is a kind of a boot sector in a computer that is generally used for holding partition table or for activating a program that loads a far more complicated operating system. So, to put it simply, Trojan.Alureon.A infects your system at a very basic level and runs in the background, making it rather hard to detect and delete.

Once the Trojan is installed it drops a file called “ldr16” and then proceeds with decrypting and executing it. It should be mentioned that Trojan.Alureon.A is very dependent on another member of this Trojan family – Trojan.Alureon.DX. The reason is that the file that Trojan.Alureon.A needs to execute is stored on a virtual file system that is created by Trojan.Alureon.DX. It means that if you have Trojan.Alureon.A on your system, it is very likely that the other members of the family are on board as well. Thus, your system becomes exposed to even more severe infections.

Aside from that, Trojan.Alureon.A exhibits the usual behavior of a data-stealing Trojan. It plays a role in intercepting the Internet traffic and gathering important information that can be later on used to rip easy financial gain. For example, it can store your user names, passwords, and even credit card information. Also, Alureon type of Trojans is known to change your DNS settings in order for other malicious threats to enter your system unawares. Therefore, you must remove Trojan.Alureon.A from your computer immediately and then reconfigure your DNS settings to make sure that your computer is no longer easily accessible.

If you cannot delete Trojan.Alureon.A on your own, acquire a computer safeguard program that will do the job for you. Do not wait until your data is leaked and your computer is ruined.

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