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Trojan.Agent.ED is a generic detection name that is used by various antimalware tools to indicate that some malicious software is active on your operating system. In most cases, the detection of Trojan.Agent.ED indicates that an extremely dangerous infection is active on your PC. It has been discovered that the infection active on your PC is Facebook Worm, otherwise known as Kilim Facebook Worm. It is an exceptionally dangerous infection to have active on your PC as it exhibits numerous malicious features and could even put your sensitive data at risk. Do not take any chances if you suspect this infection being active on your PC, removal must be executed as soon as possible.. Read the rest of this article and find out how this worm functions and why it is so dangerous.

The Kilim Facebook Worm is spread in a dubious way, to say the least. Just as the name of this infection suggest it is mostly targeted to Facebook users. Usually, users are presented with a malicious .exe file within Facebook, which is often presented as a pornographic video. During the research, it has been discovered that the file that is encountered most frequently is called Videos_New.mp4_2942281629029.exe. If you encounter such a file, avoid it, as by clicking it you will most defiantly infect your operating system with the Kilim Facebook Worm. If, unfortunately, you have clicked on the malicious .exe file your next move should be starting the removal procedure of this worm without any hesitation.

As soon as the malicious .exe file is executed numerous redirections will take place until the moment that infection identified as Trojan.Agent.ED is installed and is fully active. It actually takes seven steps until the Kilim Facebook Worm is up and fully running. At the end of this process your computer will become a bot that will be used to spread the mentioned infectious file via Facebook, the link to a malicious .exe file will most likely be shared with your Facebook friends, either by private message or a post on their wall. Unfortunately, this might to be all, as cyber crooks could use your PC in numerous ways, which could have extremely disastrous outcomes.

Additionally this infection will also compromise the Google Chrome Web browser. The malware will implement a malicious extension as well as it will create a shortcut, which will launch the browser directly to the Facebook website. Once the Chrome web browser is compromised, the attackers will gain complete control to track the user’s activity while using the browser. In addition, some features will be restricted. You will not be able to access the extension page. This is in order to prevent the user from removing the malicious extension. The ability to track your every move within the Google Chrome browser is a dangerous once as you could end up loosing your various passwords and even credit card data. It goes without saying that a computer worm identified as Trojan.Agent.ED is extremely dangerous and mus be removed with no hesitation whatsoever.

It goes without saying that the Kilim Facebook Worm identified as Trojan.Agent.ED is extremely dangerous because it is a major security breach, which could be used by other various infections as a backdoor into your operating system. Unfortunately, manual removal is too complicated for virtually any user that does not have extensive knowledge of malware and its removal techniques. This is why we strongly advise using a professional malware detection and removal tool to remove any infection associated with Trojan.Agent.ED. In addition a professional antimalware tool will also keep your PC safe from any other potentially malicious or unwanted programs at all times.

How to remove the Kilim Facebook Worm from your PC

Remove the Kilim Facebook Worm from your PC

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Download and install the antimalware tool.
  4. Run a system scan.
  5. Remove all the threats identified by the antimalware tool.
Download Remover for Trojan.Agent.ED *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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