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Getting redirected to is not the end of the world, but it is sure an annoying experience. This adware server is there to promote third-party services and websites, hoping that you will interact with it. Of course, you can simply close the website no questions asked and that would be it. However, if the adware server modified your browser settings, you will continue to see various ads and pop-ups when you browse the web. Hence, you need to remove everything related to from your browser and your computer, if you want to have some peace and quiet.

In fact, might already have been taken down because it is a rather old adware server, and these domains have really short lifespans. Nevertheless, we are sure that another one has taken its place, and so you can apply this entry to almost any generic adware server out there.

Users often encounter such domains when they visit websites that support third-party advertising. These sites might not be directly associated with malware, but they have a lot of advertising space, and they offer it to adware domains. The sites do that to survive, especially if they offer some free content (like online games or videos), so they try to cover their server costs through advertising. It is a common practice and there’s nothing malicious about it, but it could be easily exploited by cybercriminals.

Thus, if you see notifications from and other similar domains on your browser, it means that at some point, you allowed these notifications by clicking the Allow notifications button on some pop-up that you’ve encountered recently. Please note that you can easily close various pop-ups just by clicking the X button at the top right corner. There’s no need to pay attention to their notifications, even if the buttons are really bold.

Either way, and other similar adware servers would not be able to display commercial ads if users didn’t allow them to. Hence, when you are too distracted to notice what’s going on with your browser, you may accidentally allow these notifications. Even if the pop-up says that you have to “allow notifications to prove you’re not a robot,” you still shouldn’t click anything.

At first, the ads that promotes may seem random. That’s because it takes time for this adware domain to collect information on your likes and preferences. It does that by employing tracking cookies and reading your browsing history. While it cannot collect sensitive information such as your logins or passwords, it could find out what websites you frequent and your most commonly used search keywords. With that, can target custom commercial ads that would display content related to what you like.

The reason does that is money. It generates profit each time you interact and click those ads it promotes. And while there is nothing inherently malicious in that, the domain cannot guarantee that you won’t be redirected to dangerous websites after clicking those links. Like it usually is with adware, they do not review or check the legitimacy of the links they promote.

Hence, you need to take this matter seriously, and make sure there is nothing suspicious or remotely dangerous on your computer. Restore your browser settings to default to remove all the tracking cookies and other data associated with Then, run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. You may find more potential threats on-board. If that’s the case, be sure to remove them all automatically. Finally, review your browsing habits. If you find that you visit unfamiliar websites that display a lot ads often, make sure to break that habit ASAP.

How to Reset My Browser


  1. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  3. Press Restore settings to their original defaults.
  4. Click Reset settings.


  1. Press Alt+H and select Troubleshooting information.
  2. Click Refresh Firefox at the top right of the new tab.
  3. Press Refresh Firefox and click Finish.


  1. Press the three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Choose Settings and click Reset settings.
  3. Click Restore settings to their original values.
  4. Press Reset to complete.
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