Torrentlocker ransomware Removal Guide

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Torrentlocker is a newly crafted ransomware that has been infecting numerous users. At the moment, mostly Australian users are affected but that should not be for long. Developers of such applications want to profit as much as possible as fast as possible; thus, every computer user should be on alert. Torrentlocker ransomware closely resembles Cryptolocker and CryptoWall infections but is quite different at the same time. If you want to avoid the detrimental consequences caused by Torrentlocker ransomware, you should back up your system on a daily basis. Moreover, your system should be protected with a professional antimalware tool.

There are two major differences between Torrentlocker ransomware and Crytptolocker or CryptoWall. The first one being that Torrentlocker ransomware requires an active internet connection in order to encrypt files on your PC. Before starting the encryption process, Torrentlocker ransomware needs to connect to a command-and-control (C&C) server to download the certificate and certain configuration files. Therefore, if you caught the infection in its early stages, you should immediately disconnect your PC from the Internet. It will stop the encryption process saving valuable files on your system.

The second major different between these infections is that Cryptolocker and CryptoWall encodes files in RSA-2048 algorithm while Torrentlocker uses the Rijndael, which is a symmetric cipher. It is a strong and virtually unbreakable code. Further analysis should expose more about the way that Torrentlocker ransomware uses this algorithm.

Otherwise, Torrentlocker ransomware works in virtually the same way as Cryptolocker and CryptoWall. It affects almost 100 different types of files including .txt, .jpg, .doc, .adb, .cmt, .cib. Once the encryption process is finished, you will be displayed a ransom message. Currently, cyber crooks are asking for 500 Australian dollars (AUD), which is equivalent of 0.8 BTC. All the payments can only be made via Bitcoin system as it provides absolute anonymity. Before paying the money, you might be presented with an opportunity to decrypt on file in order to assure you that you will get back your files. In any case it is not advisable to pay the money as you could be easily tricked.

The removal of the infection is paramount if you want to maintain your system clean and secure. Unfortunately, manual removal is too difficult that is why we advise you to implement a professional malware detection and removal tool. It will not only easy the removal processes but will safeguard your system against other malicious infection.

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