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If you have started seeing coupons, shopping suggestions, and other shopping-related content, a program Tools Plus might be installed on your system. This piece of software is a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome, and it is presented as “the browser add-on that helps you shop better.” Even though it puts much effort into convincing users that it is a beneficial piece of software that can improve the online shopping experience to a great extent, malware analysts at have understood the second they have opened this program that it is not what it claims to be. They have made a decision to classify Tools Plus as an adware program. It has been put into this category because its main job is to distribute commercial advertisements. Specialists say that this program could have been developed with the intention of getting the revenue from promoting certain third-party pages and driving traffic to them. If it is true, it means that Tools Plus only pretends to be a useful application. As you have probably already understood, we have a negative opinion about Tools Plus, but you should read this article to form your own opinion about it. If you arrive at a final decision to get rid of it, carefully read the last paragraph and feel free to use our manual removal guide.

Tools Plus promises to save you a great amount of time and money, find the best deals and show them “in your browser when you browse the web”, and, finally, provide recommendations. Some of these coupons and other types of ads it is going to show for you will let you know about cheaper items on other pages, but the truth is that the bigger number of these advertisements will be provided for you just to promote third-party pages. This is, they are displayed for users expecting that they will click on them and visit those websites. We do not say that this will necessarily happen to you, but you might be taken to untrustworthy pages too because the developer of Tools Plus has released this program with the intention of getting money and it does not really care about the users’ safety. The presence of potentially-dangerous ads is one of the main reasons this program should be deleted from the system. Of course, you should not let this program stay if you have not downloaded and installed it willingly too. Last but not least, go to remove this program in order not to let it collect information about you.

It seems that Tools Plus is not one of those adware programs which track users with the intention of getting personally-identifiable information and, later on, selling it to third parties:

No personal data will be collected or stored by the Company during the use of the Service.

Of course, it will, undoubtedly, collect non-personally identifiable information in order to enhance the users’ experience. As can be found in the Privacy Policy document, the following details are going to be recorded: URLs of websites visited, URLs suggested, browser type and version, characteristics of products displayed on the web page, product-related keywords and other product-related information, and, finally, other anonymous information. It promises not to send this information to third parties, but we can neither confirm nor deny that this program will really act like this.

Tools Plus can be downloaded from its official website ( or the Chrome Web store ( officially, but it is very likely that other distribution methods are employed too. Most likely, this ad-supported program is spread bundled with third-party software, researchers say. We cannot guarantee that all applications that travel together with it are decent. To put it differently, you might need to delete other programs that have been installed next to Tools Plus, if it turns out that they are untrustworthy.

You should be able to easily delete Tools Plus from your computer if you use our manual removal instructions. As you can see, you just need to eliminate its extension from the affected web browser, i.e. Google Chrome. If you do not have time to do this manually, perform a system scan with an automatic scanner. We recommend using SpyHunter – click Download to get it. Frankly speaking, it would be smart to scan the computer with it after the manual Tools Plus removal too to find out whether there are other active programs on the system.

Delete Tools Plus

Google Chrome

  1. Launch your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F to open its menu.
  3. Select More Tools from the menu.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Select the undesirable extension and remove it by clicking on the Trash button.
  6. In the confirmation window, click Remove.
Download Remover for Tools Plus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Tools Plus


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