Tear Dr0p Ransomware Removal Guide

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The Tear Dr0p ransomware is a piece of malware that accesses an unprotected computer to encrypt files and fool with the user of the affected device. The study of the samples of the Tear Dr0p ransomware has shown that the threat does not encrypt documents, pictures, videos files, and other files even though it should. Instead of damaging files of different formats, it displays a prompt window in which the victim is invited to play a game which requires guessing a 10-latin-number pattern to have the supposedly affected data decrypted.

Instead of wasting your time on the bogus game, you should remove the Tear Dr0p ransomware from the computer. If your computer contains the variant that is incapable of encrypting your files, you should not wait but remove it before it is updated to a damaging threat leaving you without access to spreadsheets, Word documents, and photos.

If the Tear Dr0p encrypted files, it would do that by employing AES-256 encryption. Moreover, it would add the extension .teardr0p to every affected file.

Interestingly, the Tear Dr0p threat does not have one ransomware-typical feature which is a ransom warning, in which the victim would be asked to pay a certain amount of money. All that the victim has to do is play the game, which suggests that the Tear Dr0p ransomware, which works more as scareware, is not spread for financial gain. Tear Dr0p is a form of amusement for the attack, because the victim is trapped without a possible way out.

A typical ransomware  infection encrypts files and displays a program window with a ransom warnings. A few .txt files containing the ransom note could be created in several directories. The recently detected ransomware infections slightly differ because they do not have their graphic user interfaces. Instead, they create a file containing a ransom note in every affected folder.

A typical ransom note would instruct the user to purchase a specific amount of Bitcoins and send the money to a digital wallet given.  In some cases, the victim is asked to reach out to the attackers  by email for more information about the ransom fee that has to be paid. In either cases, it is advisable to ignore the requirements. Paying up means losing your money and not receiving anything in return. The Tear Dr0p ransomware does not provide such requirements, but it should be removed from the computer once spotted.

The fact that your computer has become compromised by ransomware suggests that your machine needs protection against malware of different types, including ransomware, banking trojans, keyloggers, browser hijackers, to mention just a few. All these threats can access your operating system and make changes without your knowledge. The consequences might be far-reaching, especially if some valuable personal information is leaked.

Ransomware is spread in several ways. For example, it can get on to your PC as a drive-by download, which is an unintentional download of a computer infection that takes place without you realizing it. Such download usually happens upon clicking on a link or download button. Ransomware is very often spread by email, including phishing emails that are made to look like legitimate emails of well-known companies. If you find a link or file attachment that arouses suspicion, ignore the email and reach out to the sender to check whether the email you have received is legitimate.

However, avoiding obscure websites and deleting spam emails only partially minimized the risk of getting the PC infected. Because malware is created to infect computer without being noticed, it is important to use a malware detection and removal tool. Our team recommend relying on a professional security application that can both remove Tear Dr0p and fight off new malware attacks. If you  do not want to risk your privacy, implement some changes right now.

It is possible to remove the Tear Dr0p ransomware manually, but bear in mind that this manual procedure is insufficient for you to browse the Internet safely.

How to remove the Tear Dr0p ransomware

  1. Delete all recently downloaded files present on the desktop or in other directory to which you save files.
  2. Access the %APPDATA% directory and delete the file Tear Dr0p.exe.
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Tear Dr0p Ransomware

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