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Task Manager Tab is a browser extension that also happens to be a potentially unwanted program. It means that the application might enter your system accidentally. Even if the program isn’t malicious, users are urged to remove Task Manager Tab from their systems if it gets added unintentionally. You can follow the manual removal instructions at the bottom of this description. Manual extension removal isn’t a complicated affair, so you can also terminate other potentially unwanted programs that might be present on your computer. To find them, simply scan your PC with a licensed antispyware tool.

It is also possible to avoid adding Task Manager Tab to your browser, but for that, you have to be careful. Potentially unwanted programs like this one usually have their own official sources. After all, Task Manager Tab can be found at the Chrome Web Store, which only proves that the app is not a genuine malicious infection. However, official sources are not the main distribution vector in this case. If the extension reaches your system unexpectedly, it is very likely that you download and add the app via a software bundle or through a pop-up.

As far as software bundles are concerned, we would strongly recommend avoiding file-sharing websites in the first place. If you must have a new application, you should download it from its official page. File-sharing sites are often are full of third-party installers that bundle several programs together, and so, Task Manager Tab and other similar programs come with those apps that users download willingly. Also, when you encounter a pop-up when you browse the web, make sure you read what the pop-up has to say instead of clicking anything blindly. Attentiveness is the key when it comes to avoiding potentially unwanted programs.

Now, when Task Manager Tab is added to the Chrome browser, it gets permission to “replace the page you see when opening a new tab, read your browsing history, and display notifications.” This means that the app asks for permissions, and users just don’t notice them. Since they don’t notice that, they might think that Task Manager Tab is a browser hijacker that has suddenly modified their browser’s settings. Of course, that’s not true, as all modifications are authorized.

Now, the Task Manager Tab app itself is promoted as a cool tool that allows you to “manage tasks easily with a free tool and access conversion calculator sites along with custom web search from your new tab.” The app should help you check the weather, create a calendar tool, get a new to-do list, and even show your shortcuts to your most favorite sites. And this might be pretty cool, but we have to remember that nothing comes free.

Task Manager Tab still reads your web browsing history, and with that, it could use the collected information to promote commercial third-party content. Task Manager Tab cannot guarantee that the content is safe enough for you to interact with it, as it is highly possible that the extension could be exploited by malevolent third parties.

Keeping these risks in mind, we have to remove the Task Manager Tab today. As mentioned, removing the extension is not hard. In fact, rather than just removing the extension itself, we would rather you reset the browser settings to default. This would also delete all the information the app has collected about your web browsing history.

Finally, be sure to scan your system with a security tool. If you often download programs from file-sharing websites, you are bound to have more potential threats installed. Remove all the unwanted applications and maintain your system’s safety.

How to Delete Task Manager Tab

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom.
  4. Scroll down and press Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings to confirm.
Download Remover for Task Manager Tab *
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Task Manager Tab


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