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Shiva Ransomware is one of the newest ransomware infections spotted in the wild by researchers at The version tested by our specialists does not encrypt files, and you are lucky if you are reading this article because you have encountered it too because it means that your files are fine and the only thing you have to do is to eliminate this infection from the system. You cannot keep it on your computer on any account because you might accidentally launch the malicious file opening Shiva Ransomware again. In such a case, the ransomware infection will start working again, and, in this case, it might get updates and encrypt your personal files. It should not be a hard task to eliminate this infection from the system because it does not have any files, except the ransom note it drops on Desktop following the successful infiltration, it does not make any changes in the system registry, and, finally, it is not one of those threats that block system utilities. Of course, we still recommend reading this article till the end before going to erase Shiva Ransomware because you might find some useful information regarding its deletion here.

If Shiva Ransomware is ever updated and starts encrypting users’ files, you will see a new extension .shiva appended to your documents, pictures, music, and video files after encountering this threat. Also, you will find a ransom note hk.html on your Desktop. The version of this threat that does not encrypt files drops a ransom note consisting of a single sentence. It tells users that their files have been encrypted by Shiva Ransomware and the only way to fix them is to send some Bitcoins. The BTC address is not provided, and you will not find any payment instructions there either. As a consequence, you could not make a payment to cyber criminals even if you decide to pay a ransom. Most probably, the updated version of Shiva Ransomware will drop an updated ransom note with decryption instructions. No matter your files have been encrypted or not after encountering Shiva Ransomware, sending money to cyber criminals is not an option because you might spend them for nothing because nobody knows whether you will get the decryptor. In case you have encountered the version of Shiva Ransomware whose encryption feature does not work, there is no point in paying money to cyber criminals as well because you do not need to decrypt anything. In this case, you just need to go to erase the ransomware infection from your system fully.

We are sure you have not willingly downloaded Shiva Ransomware because ransomware infections are such threats that always show up on users’ PCs without their knowledge and permission. It is hard to say how this threat is distributed because its infection rate is quite low, i.e., it has not affected many computers yet, but, in the opinion of researchers at, it should travel via spam emails. Users do not know that the attachment they see is malicious until they open it and discover malware on their PCs. They are usually made to look like important documents, so we do not blame those users who allow ransomware infections to enter their computers by opening these malicious attachments. Shiva Ransomware is not the only ransomware infection spread via spam emails, so you should be more careful in the future. What we recommend for you is staying away from all spam emails you get. Additionally, activate security software on your PC because we are sure that several different methods are used to spread ransomware infections – an automatic tool will now allow them to enter your PC no matter how they try to do that.

Delete Shiva Ransomware as soon as possible no matter if your files have been encrypted or not. You can disable it manually by deleting all recently downloaded malicious files. Additionally, you can erase it and all other active infections from your system automatically. The removal method you adopt is the choice you have to make alone; however, if you are not one of the experienced users, our advice for you is to delete this infection with an automated malware remover.

Delete Shiva Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Delete recently downloaded files from two directories: %USERPROFILE%\Downloads and %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.
  3. Remove the ransom note hk.html from %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.
  4. Clear Recycle bin.
Download Remover for Shiva Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Shiva Ransomware

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