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Sednit is a malicious Trojan infection that can seriously jeopardize your computer system’s safety and security. This program will enter your system behind your back, and it will establish the connection with a remote Command and Control center in order to receive updates and directions on what to do further. You may not be aware of the fact you are infected with Sednit for a very long time. In order to detect and remove Sednit before it is too late, you need to run regular system scans with a reliable computer security application.

You most probably got infected with Sednit via a phishing email message. Such spam messages often carry attachments that look like legitimate .doc or other familiar extension files. However, when you download and run such a file, you initiate the Trojan installation. However, annoying spam email messages are not the only way to distribute Sednit. According to our research, the Trojan may also be hiding on a number of reliable websites. The hackers behind this infection make use of Internet Explorer exploits to distribute Sednit via such webpages. They inject malicious iframes to trustworthy websites, and when a user opens the email, his computer gets infected with Sednit.

It should be pointed out that Sednit is not the only name for this family of malware. It may also be called Trojan:Win32/Foosace.A. However, disregarding the different names, it is still the same group of dangerous infections that enters your system surreptitiously and opens a backdoor. To put it simply, the main objective of Sednit is to steal important information. Most of the time, regular computer users should not feel threatened by Sednit because this Trojan mostly focuses on military and defense targets, but that does not mean your computer cannot be exploited by this infection for malicious data gathering.

The most dangerous thing about Sednit is that users clearly do not realize when they get infected with it. Consequently, regular system scans are a must if you want to keep your computer clean. You have to protect your information from any potential exploitation and to do that you need to invest in a reliable antispyware tool.

We do not recommend removing Sednit manually unless you are a computer security expert. Trojan removal requires dealing with important registry entries and other parts of your system; in doing so, if you accidentally delete an important system file, you might damage the entire system. Therefore, you should resort to using a legitimate computer security program to terminate Sednit for good. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment below this description if you happen to have any further questions on Trojan infections.

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