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At first glance, it might seem that is a perfect search tool. It returns search results quickly and even allows users to access Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and other email services with a click of the button. Also, a bar at the top of makes it possible to check the local weather forecast within seconds. People decide to keep this search tool because it looks quite beneficial. Specialists are strictly against that. It is because they have found that is not as trustworthy as it looks. To be frank, it might cause really serious problems. This finding has again confirmed the fact that it is not worth judging the trustworthiness of software or a search tool from its appearance. You should read this article if you have discovered set on your browsers but have not made up your mind yet wether to delete it or not. Specialists working at have found and provided much information about this search tool in the article. You will also find there information about its deletion. It will be useful if you make a decision to clean your browsers.

We should first list all the reasons why should be eliminated from browsers before providing more information about its removal. The first disturbing fact about this search engine is that it displays the sponsored search results. These search results do not look harmful at all, i.e. they look like ordinary search results. Also, users see a Yahoo! label at the top of the search results, so it is not surprising that they do not even suspect that these search results they see might be dangerous. The presence of these sponsored search results is definitely not the fault of Yahoo!, which is known to be a trustworthy search engine. As has been revealed, uses the modified version of Yahoo!, so promotional links and ads can be easily inserted and thus shown for users. Since it is hard or even impossible to say which search results are trustworthy and which are harmful, you will be safe and could no longer click on bad links only when you delete fully from browsers. In other words, you will be safe only when is gone. cannot be considered a very trustworthy search engine also because it has been found that it might record personal information. Even though the first sentence under the Collection of Information section in the Privacy Policy of says that does not track or maintain personally identifiable information about consumers, the sentence in the middle of the paragraph says that might record personal details as a part of the non-personally identifiable information. This information will be sent to affiliates, so, theoretically, it might end up in the hands of disreputable companies or bad people. If your privacy is important to you, you should go to delete from browsers right now. This is the only way to put an end to this undesirable activity.

Only a small number of users know how infections enter their computers. It is one of the reasons various infections enter systems so easily. Therefore, you should know how this usually happens. It has been found that is usually spread bundled with free applications in malicious software installers. You could have prevented this browser hijacker from applying unauthorized changes if you had been more careful. Always read what is written for you, especially if you are installing a free program you have downloaded from the web. In some cases, browser hijackers and other untrustworthy applications are presented there as optional components, and it is possible to prevent them from entering the computer by cancelling their installation. Users should also acquire a security application because, in some cases, it might not be enough just to be cautious and read the information in the setup wizard to protect the computer.

Specialists suggest deleting automatically if it is the first time you have encountered malware and are going to erase it because you will definitely not find the removal process easy. Not every tool will erase this undesirable search engine for you too, so install only a reputable tool, such as SpyHunter, and then use it to clean up the system. All other malicious applications working in the background will be eliminated too.


Internet Explorer

  1. Launch IE.
  2. Press Alt+T.
  3. Click Internet Options.
  4. Open the Advanced tab and select Reset.
  5. Enable Delete personal settings.
  6. In the dialog box Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click Reset.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on the button in the top-right corner.
  3. Click the question mark symbol.
  4. Select Troubleshooting Information.
  5. Click Refresh Firefox.
  6. In the pop-up window, click Refresh Firefox one more time.

Google Chrome

  1. Go to the menu after opening your browser (click on the button in the top-right corner).
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Show advanced settings placed at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click Reset settings.
  5. Click the Reset button.
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