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If you notice being redirected to or, you should be alarmed because your PC could be infected with a vicious and deceitful browser hijacker. As you visit the website, you notice that there is nothing to install or download and the company simply presents its online marketing services. Despite this, you should refrain yourself from visiting the source, because it has been linked to highly questionable and suspicious services. It has been discovered that if you do not protect your operating system with reliable malware removal tools or act carefully when browsing the web, removal operation could become your problem.

As mentioned, is a source that collects information required for online marketing. The website displays online surveys to collect such data and employs tracking cookies to gather additional information, including what pages you visit and what your IP address is. The company does not deny collecting this data, and the privacy policy states about the existence of such activity:

ScorecardResearch web tag utilizes a cookie. […] We require that any website using our web tags include a notice about their use to collect anonymous traffic data and to state what choices are available to users regarding the use of the information collected.

If schemers managed to take over the tracking cookie, they could be enabled to collect your passwords and usernames or reconfigure DNS and Host file settings. This is when you could face web page redirecting, and if this happens, you need to implement strong, up-to-date threat detection and removal tools at once. You will not be able to delete the tracking cookies manually, as it has been discovered impracticable. If you think pop-up surveys and tracking cookies will be detected by ad-block programs or deleted by existing AV tools – you are wrong.

You should trust reliable, automatic removal tools like SpyHunter to delete related applications. Manual removal tasks are extremely complicated, and whether you are experienced or not, you should delete all malicious components from your computer with the aid of legitimate software.

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