Safety Anti-Spyware Removal Guide

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Safety Anti-Spyware is a fraudulent program that expects nothing but to gain your financial information and money. You will get fake alert messages claiming that your system is at risk. The aim of this rogue spyware is to threaten you and make you pay money for a simulated full version of the malware. Delete Safety Anti-Spyware immediately if you have not done it yet.

While you are using your system, this rogue starts to terrorize you into exposing your sensitive information by displaying fake alert messages. For example, you might find this message displayed:

Attention: we are strongly recommend you to activate your copy of Safety Anti-Spyware 3 in order to make your PC work better and safe.

This message is a trap and it should not be considered as valid. Moreover, poor grammar is a proof that it cannot be trusted. You will receive more unwanted system scanning and false notifications that your system is unprotected. Do not follow the instruction to buy the fake “full application” to delete the fake infections. This rogue is designed to gain your money and personal data.

A legitimate antispyware tool will detect Safety Anti-Spyware and remove it from your system for sure. This will be done automatically, and you will not have to worry about this rogue. However, you can delete this malware manually, which requires you to be a skilled Windows user, because the lack of knowledge may cause more damage to your system. Thus, if you do not trust your abilities to do the removal of the malware on your own, leave it to a genuine antispyware program.

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