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RecipeSearch is identified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because it offers services that are not very useful and somewhat unpredictable. If you have this suspicious extension installed onto your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, it is likely that you used and installers to acquire it. If that is not the case, you might have used third-party downloaders. Dealing with bundles is always risky because they can present completely unreliable pieces of software. Threats can also be concealed or camouflaged, and users might end up executing threats without even realizing it. We hope that threats have not invaded your operating system and browsers, but you should not bet on it. Install a trusted malware scanner to learn quickly if there is something that you should remove. Of course, in this report, we focus on figuring out how to delete RecipeSearch specifically.

It is most likely that you downloaded RecipeSearch just so that you could find recipes for new meals. The description presented via the Chrome Web Store informs that the PUP can offer “1000s of tasty recipes […] all in one spot.” That is an offer that many Chrome users have chosen not to pass on. In fact, at the time of research, over 100,000 users had downloaded the extension. That being said, if you take a look at the ‘Reviews’ section, you can see that users are not happy with it, and that might be the reason the extension only has a 2.4-star review. Nonetheless, people download RecipeSearch because it is free, and they see no harm in giving it a try. How you end up viewing this extension after installation depends on your perspective. The PUP takes over the New Tab page, and it also asks to replace the default search provider with Due to this, some identify it as a browser hijacker. The New Tab page shows various links, and some of them seem to represent recipe-related websites. Well, as users have pointed out, the integrated recipe search engine does not work, and it is easier to find recipes by going directly to the sites. This is why Chrome and Firefox users choose to remove this extension.

Even if you do not agree to have your default search provider modified, RecipeSearch introduces you to its search engine via its interface within the New Tab page. We are very familiar with because it is used by all Ask Applications, including ProductManualsPro Toolbar, WatchMyTVShows Toolbar, MyFileConvert Toolbar, PackageTracking Toolbar, and many others. According to the Privacy Policy at, “cookies and other technologies” are implemented to collect and store information related to your browsing activities. None of this is out of the ordinary or suspicious. It is more suspicious that the company reserves the right to share the collected information with parties that are unidentified. Can they be trusted? Can they protect your data? We do not know. In general, this search tool does not really offer anything that great. Sure, it can help you find what you are looking for, but if you are thinking about keeping RecipeSearch installed just so that you could continue using this search tool, we suggest that you find a search tool that comes with no strings attached.

Since RecipeSearch was compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers at the time of research, these are the browsers that we focused on when creating a removal guide. We have added steps to show how to clear browsing data in case you are interested in deleting cookies that contain information about your browsing activity. If you are only interested in removing RecipeSearch, follow the first two steps. Alternatively, you can turn to automated anti-malware software to help with the elimination of this potentially unwanted program. This is the solution that we believe to be the best one because the right program will automatically delete all threats and also offer protection for your system. Without protection, it will remain open for various unreliable and concealed threats, and if you do not become more cautious about what you install next, you could be tricked into letting in serious threats without even realizing it.

How to delete RecipeSearch

Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser and enter chrome://extensions into the address bar.
  2. Remove the unwanted add-on.
  3. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  4. Open the Advanced menu.
  5. Choose a time range and boxes you want and then click Clear data.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the browser and enter about:addons into the address bar.
  2. Remove the unwanted add-on.
  3. Enter about:preferences#privacy into the address bar.
  4. Navigate to the History menu and then click Clear History…
  5. Choose a time range and boxes you want and then click OK.
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